Ice Ice Baby rapper feeling not so nice about being delayed at JFK

Ice Ice Baby rapper
Image Source: Yahoo

Vanilla Ice became a huge pop sensation in the early 90s when Ice Ice Baby became a global hit. Known mostly for that one hit song back in the day, Vanilla Ice has tried to stay relevant even today but perhaps not for the right reasons. The rapper was in Dubai and on his return flight, he was travelling with quite a few sick passengers. He took to social microblogging platform Twitter to talk about the situation. He ended up being delayed at New York’s JFK / John F. Kennedy Airport upon arrival from Dubai.

Ice’s career has been a hit and miss since Ice Ice Baby was released. It was one of the best songs on his “To the Extreme” album. While he faded away from fans’ memories in the late 90s, another white rapper Eminem became famous. However, you can’t help but groove to Ice’s classic smash whenever it comes on radio. It’s even sad that he’s relevant on Twitter not for his music but for sharing his experience on a flight arrival delay at the world’s busiest airport.

One feels sad and sorry for Vanilla Ice for his unfortunate flight and even his music career. He tried to go more hardcore in his later releases and outgrow his Ice Ice Baby persona. The man deserves a comeback but not via sharing news on Twitter. Passengers sick on an airplane resulting in arrival delay isn’t normal but that could happen on any flight. It’s just unfortunate Ice was on this one plane.


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