Hungry Shark Evolution mod apk Unlimited Money And Gems Download

Hungry shark evolution mod apk

In the current era, almost everyone has a Smartphone, and the number of its users is increasing day by day. You can carry it anywhere, and if you’re bored, you can use it to watch videos, listen to songs, and play video games. However, playing games on smartphones is the most popular activity of people around the world. Also, almost all Smartphone users have some games installed on their Smartphone. Considering its popularity among smartphone users, developers and companies are also trying to build more and more games to rule the market. This article will discuss the Hungry shark evolution mod apk, which is very popular among smartphone games.

Hungry shark evolution mod apk

Hungry shark evolution

Everyone loves to play games, and there are tons of games available for people of all ages on smartphones. But if you’re into playing only the best games, then you can try out hungry shark evolution.

It is a top-rated game that has been awarded as the best game for mobile devices multiple times. But if you still haven’t played this game, then download it today from your mobile app store.

Hungry Shark Evolution gameplay is the fifth edition of the Hungry Shark game series. Made by Future games of London or (FGOL), this super fun game was released on the 18th of October, 2012. It introduces a new breed of sharks to the shark game and many other tasks, items, and content.

It is a very exciting adventure game that features diverse underwater species, currencies, and a vast range of hidden treasures. As you keep progressing in the game, you will unlock more powerful sharks and come across even more beautiful things.

There will be lots of playable sharks in the game, and each one is assigned a specific mission. When you complete a mission set, you will receive tons of rewards. Mission details are scattered throughout the playing map; collect them to discover your missions and then complete them.

After completing the eight primary objectives, you will unlock a super mission. But this special mission doesn’t have a container or shell.

Apart from the mission shells, you can also find sunken treasures across the map. It rewards the players with some coins after they complete a round or when your shark dies.

Moreover, equipable accessories like immobilizing gear and assistant sharks (sharks that swim by the side of your leading shark) also exist in the game.

Different menus 

Apart from the regular playing mode, you can also find different menus in the game.

The Evolve menu for starters is where you can learn about all the sharks in the game and purchase new sharks. It also allows you to check up on your playable sharks and their growth status. Moreover, you can check their statistics such as the force of their bite, their boosting speed, and capacity, etc.

Then we have the Accessory menu, where you can buy various accessories. Here, you can learn about supplements, maps, and equipment, unequip or toggle with accessories to play the game. However, you can only access this menu by selecting one playable shark first. Moreover, you can start gameplay sessions in the Accessory menu.

Another menu is the Secret Lab, which is led to the Evolve menu. It is unlocked when your gameplay reaches a high score of 500,000 score points. In this special menu, you can experiment with your Top secret sharks.

These top-secret lab sharks have special powers, but they can’t equip accessories. You can also get new sharks here like the Evolve menu and select one for play. Moreover, you can turn on gameplay sessions from the Lab, similar to Accessory Shop.

The final menu is Settings that harbors other menus, for example, high scores, statistics that can show kill counts, and some other stuff. Language section where you can adjust the language, help menu that provides tips for the players. You can also toggle with the game settings and turn on or turn off tilting or maybe touching.

Hungry shark evolution gameplay

This aquatic adventure game is played in various sessions. You can initiate a game session by pressing ‘Play’ in the accessory menu or the secret lab or directly in the main menu.

So, for movements in-game sessions, you can either control them with a virtual D-Pad. Or, you can also calibrate the game to respond to the tilting of your device. The game involves two kinds of currencies. First, the coins are the “standard” currency, and then the gems, which is the “premium” currency.

So, you can use both of these to acquire new sharks and purchase decorations and accessories. You can also earn them during play, although gems are more challenging to achieve than coins. Moreover, you can achieve them through micro-transactions or by watching adverts.

Every game session starts with the selected shark falling into an unknown place in the water from the sky. The general objective of the gameplay is to stay alive for as long as you can. Moreover, you have to earn lots of points during that time. All of this is done by directing your shark, battling, and eating different varieties of fishes across the map.

Your shark will attack anything that comes close to its mouth, dine them, and gain points. The game will reward you with different exciting accolades after you eat, achieve ends, or get hurt by other things.

Also, there are boundaries in the game, the side boundaries are at the far left and right side of the game area. Including the seafloor, which is the lowest boundary of the gameplay area. And a very high point facing the sky, which is the top boundary of the gameplay area. We can see these boundaries by the use of one of the three provided maps. Moreover, we can turn on or turn off the maps after purchasing the game.

Then there are also multipliers which increase by devouring different creatures in a limited amount of time. So, there are mainly two types of multipliers in the game. The standard multiplier is the one where each shark has its multipliers. In this case, the more influential your shark, the higher the multiplier will turn out.

There is also the uniform multiplier, which multiplies points by 2x, 4x, 6x, or 8x and it is for all sharks. Moreover, these multipliers will help us complete one of the two primary play goals. And that goal is to score as high as you can in the game.

There are also other side objectives besides staying alive as long as possible and obtaining the highest score. As we mentioned before, each shark has its specific set of objectives and also specific goals. However, you can only complete these missions and objectives when you discover the mission shells.

But there are lots of shells or containers scattered all across the map. Moreover, underwater objects contain various items, and they are hidden in different locations. Finding these hidden objects rewards the players with generous offers.

Finally, there will also be mini-games. In these games, there should be a beach ball that you can toss with the nose of the shark. The aim here is to hit the given ball upwards five times continuously without it falling on the water and ground.

However, the beach ball is sometimes replaced with other types of balls during the real-world events. As an example, they replace it with a soccer ball during the FIFA World Cup.

Features of Hungry Shark Evolution mod apk

Like every game, most of Hungry Shark Evolution’s premium features are limited in the beginning. You can unlock them by continuing the game and completing the missions. But many of the new users find this thing very irritating.

They wish to check out every feature, but they find it challenging to complete the missions. So, as an easy solution, we recommend you download the Hungry Shark Evolution mod apk. It will allow you to play the game with many of its premium features unlocked and without any obstacles.

Here are some of the feature of the Hungry Shark Evolution mod apk:

  • This mod version has outstanding 3D graphics quality, which provides you the premium feels. Additionally, by completing specific missions, you can roam in the ocean and find out what the deep sea looks like.
  • In the MOD version, you will find a total of 11 sharks unlocked from the beginning. Isn’t that amazing?
  • Also, you will discover about 15 Sunken objects as a bonus that can grant you some fantastic bonus prizes.
  • Moreover, some unique items and baby sharks will be available, which will turn you stronger.
  • There will also be a cloud saving option working with Google+, which will allow you to save your game and play it across devices.
  • Furthermore, this mod version also has many video uploading options. It allows you to share the gameplay videos on the YouTube platform right away.

File information of Hungry Shark Evolution mod apk

Filename Hungry Shark Evolution mod apk
File size 98.8 MB
Developer Ubisoft Entertainment
Latest version v8.5.22
Operating system Android 4.1 and above
Last updated April 29, 2021


Unlimited diamonds

The most fantastic feature of this mod version is the free unlimited diamonds. With it, you can either buy new sharks, or you can upgrade your current shark and make it more powerful. Moreover, you can even use it to buy different equipment, which will help you complete your missions.

So, you can complete your main goal of reaching the highest score more swiftly with this unlimited feature. You don’t have to pay a single penny in return for this apk file. The premium and the unlimited diamond feature that you’ll access from this apk are entirely free.

How to download Hungry Shark Evolution mod apk

Here is the guideline to download the Hungry Shark Evolution mod apk. Just follow this, and you don’t have to pay a single penny to install it on your smartphone.

  • First, uninstall any previous Hungry Shark Evolution or version because it may hinder the apk installation.
  • Now download the MOD file from the given link here.
  • After completing the download, search for the file in the Downloads folder. Find out the file you have just downloaded.
  • Now just click on the downloaded Hungry Shark evolution mod file and then tap on Install.
  • Wait a little for the installation process to end. Once it ends, close everything and search for the Hungry Shark icon on your home screen.
  • So, go to the home screen and click on the Hungry Shark Evolution game icon to enjoy playing it.


In this article, we discussed the features of the Hungry Shark Evolution mod apk. It is a fun adventure game where you will be able to experience the underwater adventure. Moreover, the features of the mod version will help you level up faster and find more amazing missions and adventures underwater. So, we hope all this information will help you enjoy the game even better.


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