Hugh Jackman Going on World Tour, Will Perform Songs From ‘Greatest Showman’ and ‘Les Miserables’

Hugh Jackman

Jackman announced that in the upcoming year 2019, he will go for a world tour.

“It’s not Wolverine The Musical. Not yet,” he teased of his big announcement, before revealing, “I am doing a big arena tour.”

He entitled the tour as. The Music. The Show., “a dream come true.”

From this, it truly depicts how much he is excited about the combo of tour and music.

He told, “I’ve done it in Australia, but now I’m going to go around the world. I’m going to cities all over America, we’re going to Europe, we’re going to the U.K., we’re going back to Australia and New Zealand. I’m singing. I’m dancing. I’m telling stories.”

Jackman also disclosed that the show will bring together 30 dancers and singers, a 26-piece orchestra and his hit songs.

He further added “It’s sort of like I’m on the back nine of my life now and this is about the front nine. The best parts of the front nine. So I’m going to sing stuff from The Greatest Showman, from Les Mis, from stuff I’ve done on Broadway, Boy From Oz, or stuff that I auditioned for that I didn’t get cast for.”

Apart from revealing interesting dancing and singing stuff of the show. He also told that the show will also include stories of special guests.

He said, “I don’t know about you guys, but I love going to a concert when I feel that something happens that night that could only happen that night,” he said. “So I try to keep it loose. I have special guests. Keala Settle, who was the big lady in The Greatest Showman, she’s gonna come to do a bunch of them. I’m just gonna have a party.”

“I think whether it’s 300 hundred people or 3,000 or 13,000 it has to feel like a celebration and you have to connect,” he continued. “First thing I ever do when I walk out on stage is… look at my wife, I look in my wife’s eyes and that grounds me… Whether you’re at the back or whether you’re at the front, this is a night where something’s going to happen that can only happen there.” Jackman said

He further called the show as “really self-indulgent.”

He quipped, “I do my favorite songs. And you’ll all sit through it. I try to do a huge variety. Obviously, Greatest Showman is very popular around the world, but I want to do Les Mis, I want to do stuff from other shows I’ve done. It’s a mixed bag.”

He has made the show a must watch. However, how much the show will be a mixed bag. It would be found out after getting on-air.


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