How your product can leave an Unforgettable Image on the Customer Mind

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If you want to increase customer loyalty, create such a brand which leaves an unforgettable image on the mind of the customers. When your brand is memorable for the customers they come back to you. Being visible and memorable to the target audience is the main element of long term success.  For this purpose, you need to analyze various elements which increase the visibility of your products. Before the customers make a purchase, your brand should be able to build trust. The product’s packaging and printing play an important role in this regard. The way you design your custom boxes make your brand stick to the people’s memory and motivate them to purchase your products. Below are some of the ways by which your product can leave an unforgettable image on the customer mind:

Be Consistent With the Packaging Design:

Have you ever thought what makes the successful brands so memorable? It’s their packaging design. They remain consistent in their packaging for years. They have a well-designed logo and visual aesthetics which do not undergo large changes over time. It has been seen that the brands which produce rapid changes in their packaging printing, face a drastic downfall. This is because customers cannot recognize them due to inconsistency. Let us take the example of some of the popular brands like Apple, Coke, and Nike, etc. Apple and Nike have been following the same logo for decades. This has made the customers recognize their product at a sight. Coke has associated red color with its packaging. It’s the reason for its worldwide acceptance. 

Focus on Benefits:

The consumers of today do not buy the products because of its features, rather they buy because of the benefits arising from those features. If you want your brand to stick to customers’ mind, make a list of benefits your product or its packaging offers. Also, focus on what sets you apart from competitors. For example, designing custom printed boxes with inserts, handles or transparent windows can add to the functionality of your products. The following tea packaging is another example of practical packaging. The tea bags are designed in the form of hangers to stay at the top of your cup. 

Engage Customers Emotionally:

The best way to leave an unforgettable image on the mind of the customers is by gaining their empathy. If you spend the entire budget on branding your products but customers are unable to connect to your brand emotionally, all goes useless. Soon they will switch to the competitor’s product to find something interesting. Engage your customers by creating interactive packaging. Design the custom boxes internally. Go for interesting box printing services. Print a thank you note inside the box on every purchase. You may also place a little sample of a new product or any discounted voucher to make customers return to you. Create limited edition packaging for different occasions like Christmas and New Year. Greet your customers by using attractive labels and tags. All these efforts do not cost much but they help in building long-run relation with the customers.

  Tell about the Story of your Brand:

Another effective way to make your brand stick customers’ mind is to take them on a transformational journey. Tell about the story of your brand. Show them what efforts you made to deliver a high-quality product to the customers. You can do this in various ways. Either, explain it through your packaging. For example, if your product is 100% natural or hand-made, let your custom printed boxes explain the fact. You may use strategic images to educate the customers. You may also use interactive labels on your custom boxes. Customers can scan them and they are directed to the brand’s website. You may upload a short video, an article or a series of images which explain the story about your brand. 

Optimize Your Social Media:

Each new generation is inclined to invest more in social media. Therefore, it has become essential for brands to establish a unique social media presence. Create interactive content to engage the customers. Upload the pictures of your products and new releases on an everyday basis. You may post behind-the-scenes pictures to remind the audience about your brand values. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn are the most popular sites to let customers know about your brand. As a number of customers use Google to get any information about the product. Work on Search Engine Optimization to rank your brand high. 

Follow Eco-Friendly Practices:

With the increase in environmental concerns, the manufacturers of today have inclined towards the use of eco-friendly practices. This leaves a positive image on the mind of customers that your brand cares about the environment. Whether it’s packaging or the practices to make a product, consumers want everything to be sustainable. According to research statistics, 66% of the consumers globally are willing to pay more for the brand which follows eco-friendly procedures. The use of recycled packaging plays an important role in this regard. It is the reason that plastic packaging is rapidly being replaced by paper products. The eco-friendly practices should be incorporated in the printing process as well. Using natural inks leave the least environmental impact. Moreover, the process to make your product should be cruelty-free and do not harm the environment. By following all these practices you can play your part to ensure a healthy living. 


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