How to Watch Marvel Movies

how to watch marvel movies

When there is a talk about superhero films, then one name unquestionably rings a bell, Marvel Studios. Marvel Studios mainly create the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Marvel Studios has its universe where lives all the superheroes. If you haven’t watched their movies yet and considering watching them, you are in the right place. We will show you how to watch marvel movies for free. 

They create movies based on characters that appear in American Comic Book, published by Marvel Comics. They made 23 superhero movies in just ten years. Almost every year, they release a film, but in 2020 they had to break their flow because of the pandemic. Knowing how to watch marvel movies for free has become tricky than ever because most of the platform requires a subscription to manage their content. 


We can watch the film in the theatre on the release date, but there is also an alternate way to watch from home, which is online streaming. We will provide you with the name of the websites where you can watch the film for free. If you want to watch without ads or in an excellent way, we will also provide you with some premium platforms requiring a subscription. 


How to Watch Marvel Movies Through Free Online Steaming Sites

There are so many websites that allow you to watch the Marvel movies for free. But, these are not safe streaming sites. These may contain some malicious ads which will redirect you to unwanted sites. However, you can block these ads through the ad blocker extension you will get on Chrome Web Store. 


  1. Popcornflix

Popcornflix is a great website to stream movies online. The owner of this website is Screen Media Ventures. They provide the best websites to watch movies for free. Popcornflix is filled with so many latest movies and great movies. It contains so many genres like action, romance, horror, drama, family, etc. 



  • You don’t need to create an account to enjoy the movie. It’s one kind of plug and plays website. 
  • It supports customizing GIFs from the screen.
  • While watching a movie, you can give feedback without pausing it. 
  • Suitable for kids. 
  • It has the best media player, which contains so many useful features. 



  • There is no option for showing the subtitles. 
  1. Fmovies

Fmovies is a site where you can stream many films and TV programs for free of charge. It was published about a few years ago, but in the meantime, it becomes the most popular online movie streaming website, probably because it is easy to use. 


  • Easy to use
  • Great media player
  • Supports subtitles


  • It’s illegal. Because the rile is different in different countries, after all, it contains pirated content. 
  • It’s unsafe to use it. Some malicious ads may hamper your device. 


  1. Crackle

Crackle is a crown of the crop sites for watching movies online. After all, Sony owns Crackles. So, as a user, you can enjoy so many benefits from crackle. It can compromise itself according to your monitor size. 


  • High-resolution movies
  • Top rated and best-selected movies are available. 
  • Plenty of movies to choose
  • It has a mobile application. 


  1. SnagFilms

It is a new website to consider for movie lovers. You can experience the latest and most original movies from SnagFilms. It consists of so many movies, dramas, web series, documentaries, etc. They give you free access without any restrictions, so you don’t have to pay them a single buck. 


  • They don’t interrupt you while watching a movie with too many ads. 
  • It supports a lot of devices such as android, windows, Linux, etc. 
  • Movies are significantly rearranged according to different kinds of genres. 


  • There is no option to show subtitles. 
  • While fast-forwarding, it takes a long time to load. 
  • You can not give any ratings on the movie. 


The Roku Channel

The Roku station is additionally a specialist organization for watching free movies. You can meet the Roku Channel on your Smartphone and relish watching movies for free. The Roku Channel is a popular online movie streaming service. They also provide a TV content option sighted at users of Roku streaming devices.


You can enjoy Marvel movies, IMDB top-rated movies, Netflix original content, etc., for free. You can access the Roku Channel without any Roku device. But it will need to create an account on for the first time. The sign-up process is not very complicated. It’s the same as other sign-up processes. 


  • You can distribute and customize the movies according to your needs.
  • You can turn on the subtitles. 
  • The User Interface is customizable. 
  • You can also show TV series. 



  • There are so many ads that will interrupt you while watching a movie. 
  • It is only available for US citizens only. 
  • It is inaccessible for mobile users. 
  • You have to create an account on the website to watch.


How to Watch Marvel Movies Through Premium Streaming Sites

If you don’t want to take risks from these free websites, you should consider buying a premium site subscription. Here are our suggested premium sites you can consider buying it. These will let you enjoy the movies without any suffering. Hence, it will cost you more, but at least you are streaming safely. 



Netflix will render you a one-month free trial before you buy a subscription. It is an American streaming service provider. You just have to enter your credit card details and select the plan. And it will start the free trial. Don’t worry, they won’t charge you until the one month expires. They will send you a mail three days before the expiring date. 


There are four different plans according to your needs. After creating the account, you will see the plans. Select the plan and give the payment details, and you are done. You will now enjoy the full experience of Netflix. 



Walt Disney owns Disney+. So it is the own streaming service of Marvel. It was launched in Nov 2019. And in only three months, they got 28.6 million active users. They arrange movies exclusively according to Star Wars, Marvel, Pixar, etc. Surprisingly it costs less than Netflix. They charge 7$ a month. 


Disney+ also has its original content, which showcases the same actors from the MCU movies. So, you won’t regret it after buying a subscription. They contain thousands of Disney-owned TV shows and movies in a clean and easy to use interface. 


You can ask that is it worth the money? Yes, it is. Netflix is losing a lot of subscribers because of Disney plus. If you have children who love to watch animated movies, then it can be their treasure because there are tons of animated films produced by Disney. So, Disney+ can be a great platform to watch marvel movies. 


Amazon Prime Video

Prime Video is an unlimited video streaming service of Amazon. Like Netflix, Amazon prime video also provides a one-month free trial. They allow you to have three simultaneous streams per account. It means you stream the same content on three devices at the same time. 

But there have some pros and cons.



  • Budget-friendly pricing
  • Millions of movies and tv series. 
  • Offline streaming available



  • Rare live tv facility
  • Not have an exemplary user interface.


How to Watch Marvel Movies Through Direct Download

If you don’t have unlimited bandwidth, then you can download the movie and watch it offline. There are so many ways to download a movie. Some of them are given below.

Internet Archive

  1. Firstly, go to and enter “Index (Marvel movie title) on the search option.
  2. Now press the first website that appears.
  3. Then you will see a wide list of the movie. Now click on the title of the film, and the downloading process will start.
  4. After the download finishes, click on the downloaded file, and you will enjoy the movie. 


FTP Server

If you are a broadband user, you will indeed have an FTP server that the ISP provides. With this, you can download files super quickly. If you don’t know what your FTP is, then contact your ISP. They will give you that.

  1. First, go to your FTP server. Then search for your desired movie. 
  2. Then click on the download button, and the download will start immediately. 
  3. After it completes, you can enjoy the movie. 


How to Watch Marvel Movies Through Torrent

Torrent is the best way to download pirated content. To use torrent, you have to install a torrent downloader. There are many torrent downloaders such as – uTorrent, Vuze, Deluge, BitTorrent, Bitport, etc. But now we will use the only uTorrent. 


  1. First of all, install uTorrent on your computer. UTorrent is a browser-based software. All the downloading process and other staff occur in the browser. 
  2. After installing uTorrent, go to and your desired movie in the search bar. Then click on pirate search. 
  3. Then you will see a list of so many files. Now click on your movie then you will see a download page.
  4. Here, click on the magnet button, which is located below the big download button. If you do this, then the site will redirect you to the uTorrent download page. Then the download will start. The completion time depends on the file’s seed and size. 


You can watch Marvel movies in these ways, but if you are not sure which order you should watch them, then here is the list of movies in order.


How to Watch Marvel Movies In Order

It will be complicated if you don’t watch the movies serially because most of the marvel movies are connected. For example, Avengers: Age of Ultron is the sequel of The Avengers. So, you have to watch “The Avengers” to understand the Age of Ultron. 

Hence, here is the list of movies in order.

  • Iron Man (2008): The first movie of MCU is Iron Man. Robert Downy Jr aka Tony Stark, plays the role of Iron Man. He is a billionaire and genius.  
  • Incredible Hulk (2008): When Iron Man was released simultaneously, The Incredible Hulk was released. You should watch it after watching Iron Man. 
  • Iron Man 2 (2010): This is a sequel to Iron Man (2008). Watch it after The Incredible Hulk. 
  • Thor (2011): This is the first movie of Thor. Thor is the son of Odin, who gave him thor’s power.  
  • Captain America: The First Avengers (2011): After taking the super-soldier serum, steve rogers accomplished some extraordinary power, which made him Captain America. 


The Avengers (2012): This is the movie where all the avengers got together.  

  • Iron Man 3 (2013): In this movie, he got a new villain who is also a scientist.  
  • Thor: The Dark World (2013): This movie is a sequel to Thor, released in the year 2011. In this movie, thor will save jane by taking her to Asgard.  
  • The Winter Soldier (2014): In this movie, we can identify that who is the winter soldier. 
  • Guardians of the Galaxy (2014): Peter Quill plays the role of Star-Lord.  
  • Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015): This is a sequel to The Avengers. Here the Avengers had to fight with Ultron.  
  • Ant-Man (2015): Scott Lang plays the role of Ant-Man. He got a suit which made him Ant-Man.  
  • Captain America: Civil War (2016): In this movie, Captain America and Iron Man fight because of the winter soldier.  
  • Doctor Strange (2016): Doctor Stephen Strange is a genius wizard. He smashed his hands in a car accident. For that, his medical career got ended.  

Guardian of The Galaxy Vol. 2 (2017): This is the sequel of the first Guardian of the galaxy.  

  • Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017): This is the first movie by Tom Holland as a spiderman. 
  • Thor: Ragnarok (2017): After completing the dark world, watch this movie.  
  • Black Panther (2018): Black Panther is the king of Wakanda. Wakanda is a state of full technology.  
  • Avengers: Infinity War (2018): In this movie, Thanos appears and wiped half of the world.  
  • Ant-Man and the Wasp (2018): This is an excellent Sci-fi movie about quantum physics. 
  • Captain Marvel (2019): This is the first movie of Captain Marvel, where nick fury helps her.  
  • Avengers Endgame (2019): This is an excellent movie of the action-adventure genre. You will enjoy it.  
  • Spiderman: Far From Home (2019): Mysterio appears in this movie. 



Marvel Cinematic Universe is full of fantasy. You will love to watch these. We hope that we have taught you how to watch marvel movies. 



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