How to Throw a Birthday Party on a Budget


Throwing up a memorable birthday party for your kid is always desirable. It might be tempting to stretch yourself beyond your means to make a statement and get those perfect pictures for your Instagram page. However, an excellent party doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg.

You do not have to splash pomp and color, complete with colossal balloon centerpieces, character impersonators, and mobile laser tags. However, getting your child a bouquet of the best birthday flowers in town should be a top priority. It makes the occasion an unforgettable affair for the kid. Below are 8 top tips on organizing a memorable birthday party on a budget without missing out on the fun. 

1. Hold The Party at Your House.

Getting a venue for free should be the first step to help you cut down on the expenses of your birthday party. There is no harm in throwing a birthday party in your dining room, living room, gazebo, or even backyard, so long as you don’t have to pay for it. Why rent a trampoline park when you can have your party in a public park or at your house? 

The cost of renting space for your party varies depending on location, space size, event, and the packages on offer. Avoiding renting a party venue will save you between $100 and $300.

2. Make Your Guest List Short.

Make a realistic guest list. However attractive the thought might be, you are not under any obligation to invite your kid’s entire soccer team, class, or neighborhood playmates to the party. If possible, limit the guest list to under 15 kids. Remember, their parents or handlers might decide to stay around, affecting your cake, food, and drinks budget.

Begin the list with your kid’s closest friends. Remember, it is your kid’s birthday party, not yours. Hence doing what will make them happy (not what makes you happy) should be your priority. Don’t be tempted to include your friends’ kids, who might be strangers to your kid. 

3. Make Digital Invitations Online.

Printing colorful birthday invitation cards on glossy paper might look classy, but remember your kid’s 7th birthday isn’t their wedding day! We now live in a digital world where everyone is connected to the internet. Why spend such money on printing invitation cards when you can easily make the invites online and send them through WhatsApp or email? You can easily save upwards of $200 by sending out digital invitations. 

4. Avoid Scheduling the Birthday Party at Meal Times. 

If your party begins around lunchtime, you might be forced to prepare lunch for the guests. The same applies to dinner if the party starts at 5 pm. Most people are not in the habit of skipping meals. Therefore, it would seem unfair to invite people at meal times and fail to offer them a proper meal. 

You can easily avoid an awkward situation by scheduling the party at odd hours, for instance, 10:30 am or 2:30 pm. If the party must coincide with meal time and you have no plan to cook a full meal, ensure you avail some finger foods and snacks for the guests.

5. Choose a Theme with Decorations That You Already Have.

The fun of a birthday party may never be complete for kids if they don’t choose a theme and watch it unfold. However, you don’t have to purchase official gear at a specialty store just because your child has demanded the superhero theme. 

It is advisable to encourage your kid to go for a theme that can make use of materials that are readily available at home. If Batman is your kid’s superhero, chances are you probably have more than enough things that you can use for decorations. Exhaust the options in your house before heading out to buy decoration material. 

6. Consider Using Free Printables for Decoration.

Use online platforms like Pinterest to pick free printable stuff for your birthday party decorations. You only need to make time to conduct some research online, download what you want, and print them. Never forget that you are organizing a birthday party on a budget. Hence, you must be careful not to be swept off your feet by the fancy party pictures on sites such as Pinterest, to the point of thinking yours will be substandard. Only go for beautiful online ideas that match your budget without succumbing to the pressure to live beyond your means. 

7. Avoid The Traditional Party if You Can. 

It won’t make sense to throw a huge and expensive birthday party for your one-year-old kid. At that age, they are too young to know what a full-fledged birthday party entails. You might use this to adjust the budget and save some bucks. As the kid ages, you will have several opportunities to throw proper birthday parties for them. 

Don’t beat yourself so much before they can even speak. However, it doesn’t mean you must completely cut out the celebration. You can still surprise your little munchkin by taking them out to a park, petting zoo, or ice cream parlor and have fun without leaving a dent in your finances.

8. Go The “Old School” Way.

Be creative! Pass by your local craft store and purchase photo frames, custom letters, or wooden figurines so the invited kids can paint. It will be a cheap way of keeping the kids busy for about an hour while they have fun painting. Each kid will go home with a memorable hand-painted craft, which will be a win-win situation for everyone. 

You can also try classic birthday party fun activities, such as musical chairs. The simple joy such games elicit is enough to make the guests have fun, and it has worked for ages. Gather the guests, kick off the games and ensure you have a small price at hand for the winners. 


Don’t forget, the main idea of a birthday party is for your kid to have fun enjoying the best times with their friends. Throwing an unforgettable birthday party on a budget can be done without you feeling like a miser. It only takes proper planning with a written budget at hand. 




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