How To Tell Your Parents You Smoke Weed

You Smoke Weed

If you are trying to figure out how to tell your parents you smoke weed, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will present some talking points that might help your “weed talk” be a little less awkward. 

There are many reasons you might want to tell your parents you use cannabis. Perhaps you have replaced alcohol with cannabis and you want to feel comfortable using cannabis while you are visiting your parents. 

Maybe your mother has occasional sleep issues, but she is afraid to try the weed tincture her doctor recommended because she grew up believing cannabis was a dangerous drug. 

Or possibly your dad caught you smoking weed, and you need to have a frank conversation about your cannabis consumption so that you don’t have to hide it anymore. 

Should I Tell My Parents I Smoke Weed? 

Many wellness-oriented cannabis users hide their weed use from their parents due to society’s longstanding stigma against cannabis and cannabis users. 

So, should you tell your parents you smoke weed? Of course, that is a personal decision. But you are not the only person wondering how to talk to your parents about weed.

With cannabis laws and cultural attitudes towards weed rapidly changing, many adults are trying to figure out how to tell their parents they smoke weed. Sometimes “weed talks” can feel surprisingly heavy or uncomfortable. 

If you are using weed to sleep better, or you are using marijuana to stimulate your appetite, or you are using weed to achieve any wellness goal, you are taking ownership over your health and wellbeing. 

The last thing you should worry about is keeping your cannabis use secret. But not everyone realizes that weed is a wellness tool. So, how should you tell your parents you smoke weed?

Our main suggestions are to be confident and empathetic. And to be empathetic, it helps to understand why so many parents think weed is bad.

Why Do My Parents Think Weed Is Bad?

While humans have used cannabis for thousands of years, cannabis has been illegal in the United States since the 1930s. For a deep dive on the history of cannabis prohibition, check out our article Why Is Weed Illegal?

But for a brief overview, weed became illegal largely due to misinformation mixed with racism. 

Henry J. Anslinger was the head of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics—the precursor to the DEA. Anslinger played an integral role in spreading misinformation about cannabis and demonizing cannabis users.

For example, a 1937 article written by Anslinger about cannabis began, “How many murders, suicides, robberies, criminal assaults, hold ups, burglaries and deeds of maniacal insanity it causes each year, especially among the young, can only be conjectured.” Anslinger’s efforts paid off, and cannabis became federally illegal later that year.

For decades, cannabis remained illegal. While many people recognized the medical or spiritual benefits of purposeful cannabis consumption, using or growing cannabis could get you into serious legal trouble. Given that using cannabis was illegal, cannabis users were regarded as criminals.

If your parents think weed is bad, it is important to understand that decades of prohibition and intentional misinformation created a significant stigma against cannabis and cannabis users. 

By using cannabis for wellness purposes and being vocal about the benefits of purposeful cannabis consumption, we are taking control of the narrative and breaking down the stigma against cannabis.

How To Tell Your Parents You Smoke Weed

Before you talk to your parents about your cannabis use, it is a good idea to gauge their acceptance of cannabis and cannabis users. You should also determine why you want to have this conversation and what you hope to get out of it, and arm yourself with some useful facts and statistics. 

To gauge how your parents feel toward cannabis users, you could bring up a friend who benefits from cannabis. It is essential to frame the conversation around cannabis wellness and the different types of hash because using weed to improve your well-being differs from getting high.

Next, you should determine why you want to have this conversation and what you hope to get out of it. Do you want to smoke weed with your parents? Do you want to use cannabis in their presence without having to hide it? Do you want them to experience the wellness benefits of cannabis products for themselves? Whatever your reason, go into the conversation with intention. 

Lastly, you should come prepared with some information about how weed can be used a wellness tool. Need help with those useful facts and statistics? Here are some jumping off points:

Why Does Weed Make You Hungry?

Can Cannabis or CBD Help You Sleep Better at Night?

Does Weed Help with Stress?

Is Cannabis Good for Pain Relief?

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