How to Take Your Instagram to New Heights

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Instagram is a well and truly established social media platform, and it’s more popular now than ever. However, just like with anything else as popular out there, it comes with a dark side, and that dark side is dodgy bots trying to get people’s accounts in trouble for a quick profit.

There’s a lot of them out there, which is why it pays to grow your Instagram account at times manually.

Now, not all Instagram bots are bad – there are actually still quite a few that can safely help you get ahead – but sometimes it helps to take things back to basics and do a bit of the growing yourself. Let’s talk about how to take your Instagram to new heights.

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Instagram or IG for short is a community, above anything else, which means that sometimes it pays to know people in high places if you really want to make a difference to your account. There’s a good chance that you already follow quite a few influencers in your industry that have managed to make it already. Instead of spending all of your time wishing you were them, why not try to connect and see what could come of it? Collaborating with another Instagrammer in your industry is a great way to get your profile seen.

Link all Your Social Medias

When you’re focused on growing your Instagram, it’s hard to think about all of your other social media accounts. However, thinking about them in conjunction with your Instagram could actually be a great way to give the gram a much-needed boost. If you have a similar profile on Facebook or Twitter or even Pinterest, why not tell your Instagram community about them, and bring all of your different audiences together? Of course, it’s worth sharing your Instagram profile on your other social media, too.

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What Does Your Audience Like?

You can have some of the best content in the world, but if it’s not what your target audience likes, then you’re not going to get very far. At the end of the day, you’ve got to work out what the community in your chosen industry likes, to keep them interested and interacting. This is especially important if your Instagram page is a brand page – the closer you can get your content to be what your audience likes, the faster it’s going to be able to grow.

Use Actionable Captions

It’s one thing to include a caption with your content, and try to connect to your audience with the written word. It’s another altogether to ask your audience a question or ask them to do something for you, like share and comment on your content. If you include your audience even more by asking a question, they’re much more likely to answer and spend more time on your page interacting. Remember, just like we talked about above, Instagram is community-based, so the more you include your community in what you do, the better off you’ll be.

Final Thoughts

It’s harder than ever to do well on Instagram. It’s difficult to do things manually, but it’s also difficult to find a bot that’s not just going to sell you fake engagement, or get your profile in trouble. However, as difficult as you think it might be, it’s still possible for you to take your Instagram to new heights – you’ve just got to come up with the right strategy. And remember, there is still a tonne of worthwhile Instagram bots out there that aren’t going to get you in trouble. Do a bit of both, and you’re bound to succeed.

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