How To Safely Incorporate Vaping Into Your Lifestyle

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Kicking the habit of smoking can be difficult. Some people tend to fail early on and relapse multiple times before successfully quitting the habit. While there are various approaches to slowly getting rid of this vice, such as joining support groups and exploring other nicotine replacement treatments, many smokers still crave the feeling of taking a hit from a cigarette.

As such, vaping has become one of the most popular alternatives to smoking since it mimics the same action and is believed to have fewer chemicals than smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes.

Tips For Easier And Safer Transition From Smoking To Vaping 

Switching to vaping involves a few obstacles, most of which are easy to overcome. While vaping may initially seem like a whole new world to you and may intimidate you, there are things you can do to safely incorporate it into your lifestyle. Here are some tips that may help you transition to breaking the bad habit damaging your health.

1.Set Attainable Expectations

Some smokers find it difficult to go from traditional cigarettes to vaping, so making the shift gradually may be beneficial. To gradually quit smoking, you could consider switching to e-cigarettes once or twice daily. Moreover, you could also combine this with reducing the sticks you consume every day or every other day.

To avoid burnout, be gentle on yourself, yet retain a fair amount of discipline to keep on with the transition and journey.

2.Keep It Simple

One of the common mistakes of people who have switched to vaping is selecting a device that is hard to maintain and use. This is especially since some vaping devices require more effort than smoking tobacco cigarettes, which can be frustrating for some people.  

If your e-cigarette is challenging to use and requires extensive maintenance, such as replacing coils and cleaning tanks, you’re likely to be tempted to return to smoking cigarettes. That said, it’s always best to stick to basic but reliable devices. If you want high-quality and well-built ones, you may want to check out devices from Dr. Dabber and other reputable suppliers. 

3.Carefully Consider Your Nicotine Tolerance

When switching to vaping, consider getting an e-liquid of the appropriate strength. Too much nicotine in an e-liquid can make you feel ill and give you a terrible headache. Conversely, if you use a liquid that is too weak, you will be left disappointed and potentially be tempted to get a pack of cigarettes to ease your craving.

As a general guideline:

  • Light smokers (up to 10 cigarettes per day) should consider buying a 3mg nicotine e-liquid.
  • Medium smokers (between 10 and 20 cigarettes per day) should consider using e-liquid with 12mg of nicotine.
  • Heavy smokers (20 or more cigarettes per day) should consider using 18mg of nicotine liquids to satiate the intense craving.

Suppose you are a heavy smoker who wishes to minimize your nicotine dependence. You should start the switch to vaping and become accustomed to it before gradually decreasing the nicotine concentration in your e-juice.

4.Dive Into A Deep Pit Of Numerous Flavors

The vast selection of delicious e-liquid flavors available to people who use electronic cigarettes is a significant perk over traditional cigarettes. There has been a remarkable explosion of unique e-liquid flavors in the past decade, so those who smoke electronic cigarettes can choose from a variety of enticing flavors.

To help you transition from smoking traditional cigarettes more smoothly, you may want a familiar flavor like tobacco or a refreshing one like menthol mint. Alternatively, you might go for a blend with fruity notes or a flavor reminiscent of desserts like cakes and ice cream. You could also consider switching e-juice flavors regularly to avoid becoming tired of the taste.

5.Keep Your Device And E-Liquid Storage Clean

As part of incorporating vaping into your lifestyle, it’s essential to ensure that you maintain your device, from the parts to general cleanliness.

As much as possible, refrain from using it with dirty hands, as they may ruin your device. Also, don’t forget to keep your e-liquids in a cool, dry place, preferably away from the sun and heat, as doing so can change the quality or taste of your e-liquid.

6.Always Be Mindful And Follow The Law

If you frequently go abroad or travel to different states, it would be best to be mindful of the law, as there may be unique regulations or guidelines prohibiting vaping. It also applies to your own country. Ensure you have a thorough understanding of the law or regulations in the city or country you are in to prevent fines or jail time.  

In addition, even if there is no specific restriction at your location, you should always consider the people within your area. Not everyone appreciates the aroma of the vapor you produce; the same is true for the visual aspect resembling fog or smoke. 

As much as possible, maintain discretion at all times to avoid any issues.

7.Consider Joining Vaping And Self-Help Communities

Initially, it will likely be difficult for you to quit smoking, especially if smokers surround you at your home or your workplace. One way that could aid you on your journey is to counteract negative influence with positive influence.

Several pages on multiple social media platforms serve as a community for those who vape to quit smoking. This can be a terrific method to learn new things about vaping, seek advice, and converse with folks in similar situations. Moreover, tackling this alone might be too tricky, but if you face this with a support group, then it may be more manageable.

Wrapping It Up

Quitting cigarettes is extremely brutal, but it is possible if you have an iron will. Vaping is one of the least brutal methods of quitting smoking. It resembles smoking in terms of action, sensation, and nicotine delivery, albeit less violently. 

Choosing your first e-cigarette and vaping device may be a lot of fun, and that’s the keyword to emphasize, fun. Make it fun enough to ensure that you get interested in this alternative.


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