How to Make Sure Your Used CMM Works Like New

CMM Works Like New

A common misconception among business owners is that used equipment is outdated, worn out, and defective. CMM Work (Coordinate measurement machines) is among the many types of equipment that operate like new when bought second-hand and can be easily updated. 

CMMs are incredibly durable and long-lasting, so they often still function like new when bought second hand. The only difference between a used and new machine is the modern software and parts that can be integrated into the price of your second-hand purchase when you work with the right seller. 

Learn more about how you can purchase high quality used CMM machines that can make all the difference on your factory floor. With the right steps, you can find or update a used CMM that works like new. 

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Make Sure It Gets Tested for Optimal Functionality 

The best way to ensure that your used CMM work like new is to make sure that it goes through adequate testing. Work with a seller who can run you through their assessment process because many will test their used machines before putting them up for sale. If the seller cannot confirm how they assess their used stock for functionality, find one who does. Consider how you can get the machine professionally tested and evaluated. 

Update Its Software

CMMs can last anywhere between 20-30 years. According to Canadian Metalworking, little has changed about the functionality of CMMs in the last two decades. The most significant changes made to the metrology equipment lie in its always advancing software, probing, and electronics. All of which you can add to your machine. 

The most significant difference between a preowned machine and a newly built one is the software installed. The good news is that you can install new, up-to-date software on your used equipment to ensure it is operating based on current standards and provide the most accurate measurements.

Replacement Parts

You can quickly restore a used CMM with a worn out or outdated part to work like new. You can replace the part that isn’t functioning correctly with a new one or improve your machine’s capabilities altogether by adding a more advanced role. 

For example, a machine that is 7-10 years old will still work as good as new — but will need a new controller. The good news is that these parts are easily accessible, whether you buy them yourselves or have them sourced and added by your CMM service provider. 

You can also upgrade and replace parts to customize your second-hand machine to your specific needs. If your used a CMM Work to fixed probe head, but a robotic probe would be better suited to your needs, you can make this upgrade to your machine before it even hits your factory floor. 

Add Any Retrofits

The good news is that you can easily customize your used CMM. You can make any changes necessary to ensure the machine accommodates your needs and works like new. One of the most common ways these used machines are updated is through retrofits. You can retrofit the equipment with upgraded parts or specific pieces you may need for your unique manufacturing needs. 

Facilitate Any Repairs

Sometimes a simple repair is all a used CMM needs to work like new. CMM service providers boast the parts, materials, and experience necessary to fix whatever aspect of your used machine needs fixing. Be sure to consider if the cost of a new CMM is worth it when compared to the cost of repairing a functioning used one.


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