How To Make Money In GTA 5 Online For Free

how to make money in gta 5 online

Firstly, GTA (Grand Theft Auto) is an open-world action-adventure game. New York-based Rockstar North developed this game and came with the idea of this game. Their sister, Rockstar Games, published this game. They released their very first version on October 26th, 2004. People generally ask how to make money in GTA 5 online due to its massive demand on the market.


It is an open-world game. That is why here you can word and earn money. Besides, there are options to spend that earned money. One can buy or rent a car, house, airplane just like the real world. Also, one can do business in GTA 5 and earn money. 

Finally, this is actually a world of your own. Where you can build it the way, you want. Owh! Also, some developers mod this game, especially for their own.


When GTA 5 released:

GTA 5 (Grand Theft Auto 5) was released back in 2013 in September as the GTA has a tremendous amount of fan base. That’s why, till now, many versions have already been released. 


Back in 2004, when it was released, it caught everyone’s attention. Again, people from almost every age loved it. That is the reason why GTA is on the market for the last 16 ++ years. 

When GTA 5 was released, makers of the GTA marketed it hugely and widely. Also, it makes history. Till now, the fastest-selling entertainment product in GTA. It is a matter to wonder that the very first day of their sale collected 800 million USD. Surprisingly, they managed 1 billion USD only in 3 days. 

For their tremendous amount of sale, they sold almost 135 million copies of GTA. Also, they shipped it worldwide. GTA(Grand Theft Auto) has become the most successful entertainment product financially. 


How to play GTA 5:

Back in 2004 till now, GTA is mainly a personal computer-based game. But nowadays, there are many platforms where people can play GTA. Also, Rockstar North released it and optimized it for various platforms. And now there are also many consoles for playing GTA 5. Here, in below we are giving a few of the name with their releasing date :

  • Play Station 3 (2013)
  • Xbox 360 by Microsoft (2013)
  • Play Station 4(2014)
  • Xbox One(2014)
  • Microsoft Windows (2015)
  • Play Station 5 (Scheduled in late 2021)
  • Xbox Series x/ xs (Scheduled in late 2021)

There are tons of questions in the market saying how to make money in GTA 5 online. But 1st we need to play it as a user. 


Developers are also trying to make it in Augmented Reality.

In starting, there are two ways of perspective. If one wants to play, they have to select which mode they want to play. Twos are:

  1. First-person perspective.
  2. Third-person perspective.  

As it is an open-world game, you can go and move whatever you want. There you can steal cars or any type of vehicle. You can walk, run and also can swim.


Mainly, The fun part is missions. You can find various and vast types of tasks. There you can see side missions with multiple kinds of activities. Also, the developers make the graphics and colored them almost like real life. In GTA 5, there are approximately 70 missions. Besides that, you can do tasks of strangers and freaks. Lastly, you will find assignments from street people. Also, there are rampages as in all the other versions of GTA. 


In this open-world gameplay, you will have a health meter. This meter drops according to your gameplay. And fighting, gunshot, etc., reduce health meter finally if your health is fully damaged. After that, you will be recovered. And will release from the hospital.


GTA 5 Characters:

In the game, there are three characters for the single-player. Those are:

  1. Michael De Santa
  2. Trevor Philips
  3. Franklin Clinton


Each character in GTA 5 has a set of eight skills. Before knowing how to make money in GTA 5 online, you need to know how to be a GTA 5 pro. This will represent their ability in specific areas such as shooting and driving. The game will switch characters automatically. And this will happen during missions to complete particular objectives.

Again, if you do any type of crime, there is a crime meter. You will be wanted in the game for all levels of crimes. And if they caught you, after that, you will respawn at the police station. After that, if you do severe crime or grave crime, then you will shot dead where ever you go. Besides, there are many ways to run away from the law enforcement agency. Think that you become successful. After that, all cases will be dismissed.

Finally, after successful missions, one will improve unique skills. Also, they will get a cash reward.


GTA 5 online and how to make money in GTA 5 online:

GTA 5 (Grand Theft Auto) online was released after the regular GTA 5. Almost two weeks later than standard GTA 5. The central part that online GTA 5 had a few software bugs and few flaws. And the Rockstar North considers this. After that, they resolved those issues and re-released the game.

Online GTA 5 can be played by multiplayer. But the limit is up to 30 players. The main thing is that they can also be team up with each other If you want.


GTA 5 online is free on personal computers like normal ones. But playing one must have to purchase. It can be done by online currency. But on many consoles, you have to purchase the game for playing it. Like ps4/ ps5 / Xbox etc.


Tips on How to make money in GTA 5 online:


First Step

You are new to GTA 5. Welcome! Now you just created the first character of yours on GTA 5. So, now, you have to raise your capital on the online currency. The easiest way to income is by joining Rockstar club, PlayStation Plus also twitch plus. One can get up to 1 million game currency by using these sites.  


Amazingly, like other game developers, Rockstar regularly updated their game GTA 5 online. These players will get rewards just by log in each week. Also, every time tips are not the same. This may include GTA money, even free properties, vehicles, etc. And these items are a great way of making money. For remaining updates about rewards, check out GTA 5 online pages.


Like other games, developers also put a lucky spin wheel on GTA 5 online. Definitely, This thing is also a great moneymaker if you are fortunate enough. First, you have to buy chips according to the price at the casino. For buying chips, you have to buy chips by game currency. Surprisingly, a lucky winner can get up to millions of game currency.


Second Step on how to make money in GTA 5 online

There are weekly events on GTA 5 online. Those events are also moneymakers. At those events, you must have to compete with other players. If you are lucky enough, after that you will become a winner. Definitely, you will get a handsome amount of game currency. 

Heisting is another excellent way of making money in GTA 5. Before level 12, you have to cope up with other players for robbery. At the time when you reach level 12, then you will be able to make your heist group. Also then, you can be the team leader of the team. Heisting is an excellent source of money in GTA 5. Surprisingly, you will have a severe amount of cash on hand.


Also, You can earn by working for the billionaire at the game. They will keep you as their bodyguard and will give you a severe amount of hand cash. Overall, you will get 5000$ game currency on GTA 5 online at least. And this is just for half-hour payment.

Eventually, you can play survival matches. It unlocks at level 15. Within 10 minutes, you can get 20,000$ game currency. Those matches can be played by multiplayer. Up to 4 people can team up for survival matches. After successful missions, one will improve unique skills. Also will get a cash reward.

At level 50, you will unlock mugging. Then You can call “Lamar.” That Lamar will have a thief to mug another thief. This is one of the quickest ways of making money.


Finally, the passive mode in GTA 5

You can’t make money by simply switching to passive mode. Passive move unlocked after their open-world death. Without any currency, you can switch to passive mode. Eventually, in this mode, you will be unbeatable. You won’t be killed by the snipers, the public, or cars. You can do your bodyguard job through this passive mode. Amazingly, this mode is moneymakers and also savers.

Also, there are many online campaigns and game events, which will give you game currency as a reward. Besides, you can buy game currency with real-world money. Those are called “SHARK CARDs.” Those sold by Rockstar.


GTA 5 online cheat codes for money:

People want everything simple and in the easiest way. But alas! 

Reminder, don’t try to hack or mod GTA 5 online for money. Because you will be permanently banned. Rockstar, who are the developers of GTA 5, told clearly about this thing. Also, there are many scams about GTA 5. Don’t fall on those scams. 



How many characters on GTA 5 online?

Roughly, there are three characters in GTA 5. Those are:

  • Michael De Santa
  • Trevor Philips
  • Franklin Clinton


Can I switch between characters?

You can switch between three characters. Though, each character has their own identity. Although switching between characters is free.


Can GTA 5 play by the consoles?

Yes, playing GTA 5 on consoles is the most fantastic thing. Besides that, You will get a great game experience by playing with consoles.


Can I download GTA 5 online for free?

Yes, you can download GTA 5 online for free on a personal computer. However, many game mods have to purchase from the Rockstar game shop. 


Can I get a login bonus on GTA 5 online?

Yes, you can get the right amount of game currency as a login bonus on GTA 5. Amazingly, This amount can be up to 1,000000$ million.


Can I run a business on GTA 5 online?

Indeed, you can run a business and earn a handsome amount of money. Various types of business are available. Eventually, those will raise your cash flow.


Can I do jobs on GTA 5 online?

Obviously, you can get a job for cash. Many types of works are available. Above all, to be a bodyguard has the most handsome amount of money in all positions. 


Can I open my own gang on GTA 5 online?

Eventually, you can join a gang. At the first stage, you have to work under. After a few levels, almost 10. Then you can open and be a leader of your own gang. This can be played multiplayer with up to 4 people. This will blast your cash flow.


Does passive mode make and save money at the same time?

In this mode, you will be unbeatable. You won’t be killed by the snipers, the public, or cars. You can do your bodyguard job through this passive mode. That is the reason this mode is moneymakers and also savers.


End note on How to make money in GTA 5 online Ending

In the present date, making money online has become more demanding and more challenging due to tons of online users’ involvement. The how to make money in GTA 5 online question is the same. If you can’t play in the first place, earning money will be out of the problem. 

However, when you become a pro player, you can just surf online, cash in with the tools you earned, and enjoy a sweet victory. No more today. Bye for now. 



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