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Working from home has become popular during 2020 mainly due to the fact that the world has been affect by the global pandemic caused by Covid-19 and therefore businesses have been forced to make their employees to work from home to combat the spread of the virus. Because of this, it has had an impact of the mental health of some employees and so we’ve created a list of ways to improve mental health whilst working from home.

Getting out and getting some fresh air whilst on your break or in the morning before work has proved to be one of the best stress relievers and mind cleansers when working from home as it proves to be a distraction from the stress of work. This can be done by a simple walk alone, going on a dog walk or even if you want to improve your fitness by going on a run; running has certainly been an increasing trend during 2020 with many of us noticing more and more runners on the road. 

Mental Health
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Furthermore, yoga is an activity that many of us thought that we’d never be able to do, or at least our bodies wouldn’t be able to handle. But with the amount of help and support you can find online now through guides and videos to help you get into the sport is endless. Yoga has multiple benefits including mental well-being, stretching areas of your body that you never thought you had muscles there and makes you feel a whole lot better. Something we couldn’t recommend further to anyone. 

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And finally, looking at your diet and your cooking skills is another way to improve your mental health as if you are eating healthier then it is scientifically proved that you will not just feel better within yourself but also feel mentally better as you learn a new skill. There are thousands of recipes to be able to learn from online and also cooking tutorial videos if you really as a beginner and wanting to start improving your skills.

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