How to Enhance Your Contest Votes Through Social Media

Are you interested in contesting for skill but not sure of getting votes? Make sure you win by learning smart and multiple ways of earning votes in this article.

Contest Votes Through Social Media

Regardless of the purpose behind the contest, you are competing for, you just cannot earn votes without having to invest in it. Gone are the days when such decisions were made purely on individuals’ personal opinion only.

Today, with the ever-growing advancement of digital marketing, namely social media, manipulating personal judgments have become a norm to win agenda.

Since this is one of the most legal and persuasive ways, all the big brands like Apple and Samsung also make use of such techniques. This method is popular as ‘success formula’ to the extent that even politicians employ it.

The problem, however, with contests of skill in this particular context is, you cannot use a promotional code and ask for votes directly. Apart from being high commercial, this outdated tool would also not attract you many voters. For such a purpose, you would need ways that are legal yet sound less commercial. Let me help you with a few here.

  1. Utilize Facebook

Facebook Reach

One of the most productive ways of shaping minds is Facebook. Almost every person on this planet, young or old, has an active account on this platform. It is the best way to connect with people. How you can use you.

for your contest entry is,

  • Join active and relevant groups and start a discussion.
  • Post the event on your wall and invite friends to view it.
  • This may seem like lobbying, but many people create private groups to influence the votes directly.

2. Attract Youtube Frenzies

So we all can relate to the addiction we have for Youtube. Contestants can take advantage of peoples’ craze for interesting videos. You can make small clips with funny themes or talk about a popular narrative to covertly advertise your contest. Make sure, the content of your video is attention-grabbing.

For posting the video, you can either ask channels with significant viewers or optimized your own channel. Once your video goes viral, the win is all yours.

3. Exchange Your Game Scores for Votes

If you are a game drooler just like the rest of the world, you know how important of a task it is in your life. According to Spill Games’ report, around 1.2 billion people play games. Many people might not know, but this medium can be used for a diverse range of purposes other than satisfying your urge for entertainment. What you can do is, exchange your game scores or many gifts you get on each milestone with the votes you need.

4. Twitter Trends

twitter hash tag

Assuming that you know what Twitter trends are and how they work, you don’t necessarily have to beeline to address your concern or plump in. This won’t sound much convincing and neutral. The content of your trend could include puns or something synonymous in an exciting way. You can share

  • Quick videos
  • Short stories
  • Start picture stories

When you know you’ve grabbed your targets’ attention, make your point in the least clingy way possible.

5. Instagram

When it comes to propagandizing your idea, Instagram is the first choice of us all considering the popularity. Since it is all about pictures, Share your story in the most engaging way possible. Make a hit with little traps like giveaways. Have your audience post a picture using hashtags introduced by you.

Following these tiny, manageable steps that cost you no money can make you win big times. Play smart, play safe!


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