How To Design An Interactive E-Commerce Website


There are several interactive e-commerce website designs available on These designs would fully help new business entrepreneurs choose the best design for their website, and how they can make it more interactive.

When making an interactive website, i.e. one which would have an influence on the visitor, there are several features that a web designer should include. 

Mobile Friendly Website 

An interactive e-commerce website is a mobile-friendly website. When people buy things online, they mostly use mobile apps or the website on their mobile. This is because, they can use their mobile to buy things, anywhere and anytime. They don’t have to open their laptop to make a purchase. 

A website should be designed in a way that, it opens in a mobile browser the same way it opens on a laptop. The pages should load at good speed and properly. If the pages are slow to load, and there are images or information missing, then the customer is less likely to buy from that website. 

Hugesale-Multipurpose Store Elemontor WooCommerce Theme 

This theme contains features that people see in online stores. The main page of the store shows new collection, or sale to tell the customer what they should explore first. There are important options on the top, like home, about, features, blog, shop and contacts. In the features section, a business can include multiple things like men’s T-shirt, women’s accessories, men’s shoes, women’s heels and so on. 

The option to make multiple pages, categorizes the products that a business is selling. This button makes it easier for customers to look for the products that they want to buy. Further, there is a search option on the main page, making it easier for customers to look for what they want to buy.

On the same landing page, in the footer section, the business can place their best selling products, along with their prices. They can display different categories of products, along with appealing pictures and their description. When a user clicks on a product category, like electronics, then they can filter their search. For example, they can find out products under a specific price range, color, or type. You can also check for other ecommerce website templates on template monsters’ website.

Interactive E-Commerce Website with Template Monster

When you download a template from the template monster website, you have to edit it and sometimes code it as well. However, there are professionals who would help customers, code their template so that they can execute it online. These templates have to be downloaded from the website, after payment, and then customized. 

The buyer would be able to customize the template better, because he knows what he wants his website to look like. He will include the content in the template, like articles for the blog, product descriptions, pictures and videos. For those who don’t know any coding, there are templates which are straightforward, and you don’t have to do anything for them. Always look for a user friendly template, to satisfy customers when they visit your online store.


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