How To Bypass SMS Verification During Online Registration


More and more online apps start asking people to perform verification via SMS when signing up for them. This takes providing and thus revealing the personal mobile phone number. There are many of those who don’t like that though because it is at least not confidential. Your personal data, in this case, your mobile number, always may be sold or shared for free with third parties. This is also just not convenient. Sometimes there is no mobile phone number available on hand. Specialized temporary numbers configured for SMS verification help to get things working in these as well as other similar cases.

Explaining temporary phone numbers

This feature began to gain popularity relatively recently. Many people still have no idea what temporary numbers are even though in its essence they don’t really represent anything difficult. Temporary phone numbers are almost the same as real ones. They are also bound to the physical SIM cards of particular mobile operators and work on their networks.

The only difference is that such phone numbers are way easier to obtain and can be activated with an internet connection only. In order to get them, users just need to sign up for a specialized online service that offers such an opportunity. There is no need to go anywhere as well as to provide any personal information like in the case of purchasing a SIM card in a cellular carrier store.

Since they are available for use over the internet, it is not even necessary to have a mobile phone. You can operate temporary numbers to sign up for any website or app using a laptop, notebook, or even PC. This allows users to take advantage of the service from anywhere in the world.

Compatible with all services

Temporary phone numbers have a wide range of uses. You can use them to sign up not only for online platforms of different, basically all currently existing kinds. To be exact, they can be used in order to complete SMS verification on websites and apps of the following kinds:

  • Social networks;
  • Online stores;
  • Thematic forums;
  • Food delivery and taxi services;
  • Survey platforms and others.

There are no restrictions at all in this regard. You can use temporary numbers to sign up for any website or app that requires users to verify their mobile numbers during the registration process. Moreover, they are also suitable for verification purposes. If there is an already created profile with blocked features as it has not been verified then temporary phone numbers are the way to go to fix it.

How to get a temporary number?

Nowadays there are a lot of services on the internet that offer such an option. But it is important to make the right choice as they all provide services of different costs and quality. No doubt that at this moment one of the best opportunities to obtain a temporary phone number is offered by SMS-Man.

This platform provides all the necessary solutions for those who for some reason need to bypass SMS verification during registration on any online service. To make it work users only have to:

  1. Sign up for a profile on the official website of the company.
  2. Find a convenient payment method on the appropriate tab and use it to replenish the balance.
  3. Open the start page of the platform. It is necessary to make a few choices here.
  4. Firstly, select in which country the temporary number should be issued. Once done, scroll the page to the tab with supported online services and choose one that you are going to register with.
  5. Press the buy button to purchase a temporary phone number.

This is how it goes. It takes a few minutes to purchase a temporary number and even less to activate one. You just need to put it on the registration form when signing up for an account on a selected online service, request a verification code, and then click the “Get SMS” button on SMS-Man to reveal the code. The last step of the process is to use the received code to complete verification. Nothing else left to do after this.


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