How to Avoid Getting Scammed When You’re Moving Your Car


If you’re looking to move your car, then you’re probably already thinking about multiple companies to get quotes from. With so many options available, it can be hard to narrow down which ones are worth your time. In achieving this, it will be a huge benefit for you if you know in advance when auto transport companies are trying to scam you. The last thing anyone wants to deal with when moving a vehicle is being scammed of their beloved possession. Don’t fret. This article shows you all that you should do or avoid.

5 Auto Transport Red Flags

Let’s go over five red flags that might indicate that you’re dealing with a fraudulent auto transport company.


  1. Using high-pressure sales tactics: When you talk to an auto transport company, they should be upfront about their prices and services without pressuring you into making a decision right away. 
  2. Not being able to provide proof of insurance: When moving your car across state lines, it’s important for your new carrier to carry liability insurance in case anything happens during the trip. If the person who answers the phone at the company can’t provide proof of insurance or refuses to answer any questions about their policies, then it may be best to move on and find another option.
  3. The price is too good to be true: It’s easy to spot the deals that sound too good to be true — they usually are! If someone is offering you a great price on auto transport, it might be because they don’t have any experience in the industry or they are trying to rip you off. 
  4. The company doesn’t require any paperwork or verification: When you move your car, it’s important for both parties involved – the seller and buyer – to verify certain information about each other before agreeing on any terms or conditions. If this is absent, be wary.
  5. The company has no reviews: Any reputable car transport company will have a history of good service and satisfied customers. If they don’t have any reviews, it’s best to hire someone else.

Steps to Avoid Getting Scammed by Auto Transport Companies

1. Get a Binding Quote

This will help ensure that you don’t get overcharged by unscrupulous carriers who may try to tack on additional fees after they pick up your vehicle.

2. Find a reliable car shipping broker

This person should have experience working with multiple carriers and should be able to help you find the best deal possible on shipping costs and services. 

3. Check online reviews of the carrier

After finding some potential companies that match your needs, look them up online and see what other customers have to say about them before hiring them. 

4. Verify the carrier’s licenses with the FMCSA

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) oversees all interstate and intrastate trucking operations in the United States. You can check out their website to see if the carrier you’re dealing with is legit or not.

5. Request insurance options available

Most carriers will offer insurance coverage for your vehicle during transit, but you should always check with them first before signing any contract or paying any money to ensure that coverage is available and at what cost.

6. Read and understand the details of the shipping contract

Read through all of the terms and conditions before signing any contracts or making any payments. Look out for any hidden fees or charges. If there are things you don’t understand or want to be changed, discuss them with your broker. 

7. Always request the moving truck driver’s information

Most reputable carriers will provide you with contact information for their drivers as soon as possible after booking a shipment with them so that they can be contacted directly if there is any damage or other issues with the transport process.

8. Inspect your vehicle before and after it is picked up

Before the carrier picks up your car, make sure that it is clean inside and out. Once the truck arrives, inspect it for any damage before loading your vehicle onto it. If there is any damage when you arrive at your destination, immediately report it to the carrier and file a claim.

9. Avoid making fully upfront payments

When looking for a car shipping company, avoid any offers that require you to pay for everything upfront including taxes and fees. If a company asks for full payment, take their business elsewhere.

10. Hand your car to direct carriers, not third parties

Third parties may offer lower rates, but they also offer more opportunities for scams. If something goes wrong with your vehicle, it will be difficult for you to track down who is responsible if you use third parties.


Auto transport scams have been around for decades, costing thousands of individuals their hard-earned cash and vehicles. To help protect yourself from becoming another victim, always make sure to use a reputable auto transport company and avoid common red flags.



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