How Old Is Michael Reeves Revealing The Secrets

how old is michael reeves

Michael Reeves will turn 20 on November of 20th this year. However, considering today, his current age is 23 years, 10 months, and 4 days.

Born on November 20, 1997, 23 years old, Michael Reeves is a YouTuber dealing with one of the sturdiest genres on YouTube. His technological contexts, specifically robotics or creating high-tech gadgets, are something else.

It can surely blow your mind. His current subscriber is almost 6.40 million, which is technically an incredible number. Earlier, he was nominated for the 10th Streamy Award 2020; considering his age, that’s a pretty good achievement so far.

Michel Reeves is best known for his comedic robotics video. Though that doesn’t make any sense in real life, that is still brilliant. Apart from youtube, you can also find him on Twitch and Twitter.

Michael Reeves Early life

He was born in America; specifically, one of the beautiful cities in the USA called Hawaii. His parents are from different nationalities. His mother is from the Philippines, and my father is Native American.

Further, his childhood was very average and more like a typical American. From the beginning of his life, he was fascinated by tech and gadgets. He started learning programming languages from a very early age. School never got his attention, and he was impartial with that. After finishing high school, he went to Northern Arizona University. Started doing a bachelor’s in computer science.

He barely survives there and quit after a period. As he was very passionate about the programming language, he learned them by himself. Luckily he was able to manage a job in the US government as a software dealer.

Is Michael Reeves Filipino?

As his mother is from the Philippines, so technically by origin, he is also a Filipino. However, Michel Reeves’s father is an American, and Michel Reeves was born in the USA. Michel Reeves is an American by birth. Also, he is Filipino by origin.

Michael Reeves net worth

Michel Reeves’s net worth is $2,000,000. He got huge followers and viewers compiling YouTube, Twitch streams, Twitter and Instagram.

Previously he was connected to the Government of the US. There, he mainly worked for them as a supplier of software. In addition, he was working for multiple technology-related companies.

How much does Michael Reeves make a month?

Considering his primary income sources, He earns probably more or less $40000 per month, in total $480,000 per year. He also has some other income sources from merchandise and business shares.
Previously he worked with a government software dealer.

how old is michael reeves

Michael Reeves is currently having 6.38M subscribers on YouTube. He only published 47 videos. From the summary of the SocialBlade, we found his net income from YouTube. He already got 32M views on this channel. The statistic is like this:

His daily average income is approximately $20 to $326
Similarly, his weekly average income is roughly $143 to $2.3K
Moreover, his monthly average income is roughly $611 to $9.8K

Which eventually brings estimated yearly earnings of around $7.2K to $117.2K. At the same time, he has 1M followers on Instagram and 1.3M followers on Twitter. As a result, he is earning additionally through sponsorship programs and collaborating with different companies. Besides making other instruments and robots, he is earning more. So, we don’t know the actual net earning. All we can estimate from rumors.

Where does Michel Reeves form?

Michel Reeves is currently living in Los Angeles, California. He was born in America, so yes, he is from America. By the way, his mother is not from America; she is from the Philippines. But his father is an American. He usually does not talk about his family. Additionally, he never talked about whether he has any siblings or not.

However, he is not living with his parents now. He lives with her in an apartment in Los Angeles.

Is Michael Reeves related to Keanu Reeves?

No, Michel Reeves is not related to Keanu Reeves in any way except their last name, ‘Reeves.’
Where Keanu Reeves is an award-winning American actor, on the other hand, Michel Reeves is a Comedy-engineering YouTuber who mainly works with robots. Because of the similarity of names, people often wonder if they are related in any way! But unfortunately not. They are different.

How old is Michael Reeves and Lilypichu?

Talking about Lilypichu, who is an incredible internet personality who will turn 30 this year in November. On the other hand, Michele Reeves is an American technology/educational Youtuber who is now 23 years old.

Despite the age difference, they both have a fascinating similarity on one point. They both share their birthdays. They both were born on November 20. Where Michael Reeves was born in 1997, and Lilypichu was born in 1991.

Lilypichu is a magnificent American voice artist and musician. He has already released a good number of albums in recent years. Besides that, she is a streamer on youtube. Her channel currently holds almost 2.86 million subscribers.

Michel Reeves is also doing well, publishing only 47 videos; he bagged 6.5 million subscribers with his funny robotics videos.

Except for their channel, Lilypichu and Michael Reeves both work in a youtube channel called ‘Offline TV.’

How many videos has Michel Reeves published so far?

He has published almost 47 videos on his youtube channel so far. He published his last video almost 5 months ago, on April 9, 2021, The video called ‘Teaching a Robot Dog to Pee Beer.’

However, his first video was almost 4 years ago, in 2017. The video called ‘The Robot That Shines a Laser in Your Eye’ went viral in a short time; after that, he kept making interesting, funny robot-related videos.

Apparently, his most popular video, which has more than 23 million views, is ‘The Roomba That Screams When it Bumps Into Stuff.’ This is the most popular video interim of views and likes so far. Apart from that, his every video gets on average 7-10 million views. His Total youtube view count is more than 324 million.


Q1: Did he go to college?

Answer: Yes, he went to Northern Arizona University. There he was studying Computer Science. Unfortunately, he couldn’t finish that, but he learned multiple programming languages, learned robotics and electronic engineering.

Q2: How many programming languages does Michel Reeves know?

Answer: He mainly works with Python Programming Language; other than that, he is also skilled in C Programming Language, C++ other related stuff. He also has ideas about electronic engineering.

Q3: Is Michael Reeves married?

Answer: No, Michael Reeves is not married. But he was dating one of the famous internet personalities, voice artist Lilypichu. Interestingly Lilypichu is six years older than Michel Reeves. They have lots of photos on the internet and on their social media. They are both works on the ‘Offline TV.’

Q4: Is Michal Reeves a tech reviewer?

Answer: No, he is not a tech reviewer. Although he works with tech-related stuff and makes and customizes robots, he never reviews anything in his channel.
He basically makes engineer stuff, especially robots that act in a strange way.

Final Thoughts

23 years old Michal Reeves has an incredible personality with influential power. At a very young age, he was able to manage such unbelievable achievements. He already manages millions of followers with his authentic, funny content.
We hope those who were wondering to know how old is Michael Reeves, now get the answer.



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