How Often To Change Furnace Filter In House

how often to change furnace filter

As you are reading this article about how often to change furnace filter, we assume that you have a furnace at your house or office, and you are not much aware of the filter changing period. Suppose the case is pretty much like this, then you are welcome. We are about to discuss that topic today. Apparently, we all know a furnace filter is a temporary object, and after using a particular period, we need to change or replace that to avoid trouble.

Therefore, we request you to read this article from the beginning till the end because we are determined to discuss almost everything about how often to change furnace filter and other more. After reading this article, you will know the time when you need to change the filter, how it actually works, what a dirty furnace filter does, or what you will do if you forget to change your filter in time.

The article will be super informative and interactive for you, so don’t skip any part. Most importantly, try to follow the suggestion we are about to give you because that might make your job easier. Without wasting any moment, let’s start.

Different Types of Filters

You will find different categories and filters in the market depending on their quality, size, and price. However, people sorted out the filter depending on the quality oversize. There are undoubtedly some good options. Have you heard about Fiberglass filters? That’s the filter that is used where the dust is very high. In that sort of place, the filter can take a good pressure. Though the price is quite high of this one if your place is dusty, buy this without thinking about anything.

A similar kind of filter is the electrostatic filter. The unique thing about the filter is you can wash it and reuse it. There is also a good filter called the Pleated filter. This filter is demandable because the external filter area is quite significant. As a result, it captures more dusty particles from the air. Finally, the most interesting one is the HEPA filter, and honestly, that’s the most favorite filter. The filter quality is super high. Surprisingly the filter can capture about 99 percent of the dust or the materials. But the matter of worry is the HEPA filter gets filthy very fast, so it needed to change every 2/3 months.

Reasons of Furnace Filter Getting Dirty

Heat Exchanger Damage

The airflow of your house and HVAC system will face some negative impacts because of the clogged furnace air filter. You might wonder how this activity happens. Generally, your heat exchanger becomes a bit hot and gets deactivated when it faces lacking fresh air in the furnace. Because some indirect short cycling issues occur due to the dirty filters, that’s how your home gets warm. In order to prevent this damage to the air conditioner compressor, it is recommended to change the clogged air filter during the summer season.

Excessive Heating Bills

Usually, your home gets a moderate temperature because of a fan that recycles the warm air and circulates it into your house. But the problem occurs when your filter becomes clogged or dirty. Because that’s when the fan is required to produce more power to circulate air, that’s where the heating bills get high. In order to mitigate the bill, you should monitor the filter every 1 to 3 months and change it when necessary.

Lackings in Indoor Air Quality

Sometimes your air filter gets clogged or dirty and might fail to filter various dust, debris and other stuff effectively. That’s why it will not be able to provide quality air into your house. So, family members that have some air-related physical condition might face a negative impact. We recommend checking and replace the filter in order to get quality airflow into the house.

Furnace Shutdown Issue

Sometimes, the internal component of the furnace gets disrupted by clogged air filters. As a result of that, it faces interruptions while turning it on. It might be a sign of damage in the heat exchanger, pressure switch, and also other elements. That can ultimately result in the furnace shutting down.

Incapability To Provide Moderate Temperature

You will experience quality airflow throughout your house by the internal fan. It functions in a way that works to blow the air with the help of an HVAC air filter. A clogged filter may face interruptions to provide comfortable air. To resolve this problem, you need to monitor and keep the filters clean. It would help if you also changed them when necessary. Then you can experience blissful airflow at home.

How often to change Furnace filter

Always remember when the question is about changing the furnace filter, don’t wait for a particular period. Why? Because for different reasons, the filter sometimes gets filthy and stops working. The best advice would be to keep monitoring every week. Whenever you see it’s not ok then immediately change.

Although the size-wise filter changing strategy is not that effective, people are still people looking for that most often. So here is a short suggestion about that. You can follow if you wish. The common type of filter size is 1inch which is small, and 4-5 large inches. If you are using the small one, make sure you are ready to replace that every 12 weeks. However, if you are using the large one, you need to replace that in 24 to 32 months. After all, we encourage you to monitor the filter health and then take the decision of replacing it.

FAQs: How Often to Change Furnace Filter

1: What is the main contrast between furnace filter and air filter?

Answer: Actually, as their primary purpose is almost the, you so you can not find much difference. But as your furnace machine and air cooler are not the same machines in terms of service. So, the design of those filters will be different and some other little changes on the body. However, they both trap the dust, insects, dirt, and soot to give the ultimate protection for the machine.

2: Is the surface filter really necessary for the furnace machine?

Answer: Yes, it is essential for your furnace machine. If you think that the device is only purifying the air, then that’s wrong. Yes, it does purify the air, but that’s not its only job besides that; it makes sure that the inner system is working smoothly for an extended—period of service. Suppose there is no filter on your machine. Then, the dust, dirt, debris, dander, and soot won’t go away from the air, destroying the inner function and causing bad for your health.

3: If I placed my furnace filter backward, will it work?

Answer: That will be a bad idea and the cause of the disaster. The furnace filter is designed to be set up on the right side because the filter paper is not workable on both sides. It only works on the front side, and the backside is inoperable, so it cannot purify the air. When you place your furnace filter on the backward, it will work, and the inner function will start damaging. I hope you are not going to do that.

4: What will happen if I stop changing my furnace filter at home?

Answer: If you stop changing your furnace filter, the filter paper will suddenly be jammed with dust and dirt. In a couple of days, the air stopping passes through the filter correctly. However, when the furnace machine is working, the shortage of airflow eventually traps the heat in the system and creates many problems. It will be a big problem for health too. So, it’s better to change the furnace filter promptly.

Final Thoughts of How Often to Change Furnace Filter

We are sure that you got your answer, and now you are aware of all other necessary information regarding the furnace filter. Hope you understand if you do not change the filter timely, it will be a big issue for your family’s health. We suggest you maintain a routine for filter changing periods or write down the period date somewhere to remember later.

If you have any other things to know how often to change furnace filter or any other question, write it down below. Tell us what you want to see next or what your suggestion is. If you find this article helpful, don’t forget to share it with your community group; let them know these things. Thanks for your patience, and have a great day.


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