Republican rising star Omar Navarro faces criticism in recent days, following an illegal leak of recorded confidential conversations with now ex-girlfriend Deanna Lorraine Tesoriero, and former campaign staffer Irina Chavaskaya.

Notable Republican activists in California note the “irregular and suspicious” activity of Deanna Lorraine Tesoriero and Irena Chavaskaya, both being unknown until surfacing as a romantic interest and a volunteer, respectively, looking to become more involved in California politics in or around May, 2017.

When they reached out to Omar Navarro, a republican candidate running in California’s 43rd congressional district against democrat Maxine Waters, they indicated they wanted to be involved in the campaign and help with political organizing.

It appears now, with multiple recordings and articles surfacing online, that both woman were actively illegally recording the candidate throughout their meetings (California is a two-party consent state), with Deanna Lorraine Tesoriero actively pursuing the candidate romantically, and exploiting his vulnerability and recent divorce to solicit damaging or personal information about himself and other Republican candidates.

As for Irina Chavaskaya, she offered to become an aid the Omar Navarro Campaign but was fired within a few short months. After her firing, she attempted to have an intermediary blackmail and extort federal candidate for Congress Omar Navarro, and demanded monetary compensation. The Omar Navarro Campaign has since reported this activity the FBI.

It appears this was not the first time Irina Chavaskaya attempted to secretly record and entrap an individual, as a source close to another victim recently stated that Chavaskaya “secretly recorded a candidate for the position of California GOP Chairman, and attempted to blackmail him to drop out of the race.”

As we attempted to investigate organized crime-linked Irina Chavaskaya, we reached out to a former FBI investigator who deemed her a “ghost”, because she did not have any record in any federal database, indicating this is not her real name, or it is a false identity. She also used this name to receive payments from the Navarro campaign according to FEC documents, which implicates her in further criminal wrongdoing.

As for Deanna Lorraine Tesoriero, her “romantic” relationship was abruptly ended by Candidate Omar Navarro, after she began illegally leaking intimate recordings of the two to local and national media outlets.

After Tesoriero began releasing illegal recordings to the liberal media and recalling the past events with Navarro, she began attempting to destroy his reputation, telling notable Republicans that Navarro was stalking her, in one instance indicating he followed her to a bar in DC. But this did not appear legitimate after pictures surfaced online of her on his lap and of them staying in the same hotel room later that night.

In another instance, Tesoriero indicated online that Omar Navarro would not leave her alone and followed her to an event in Washington DC, but she was pictured with him before the event and at the popular DC restaurant, Adams Morgan later that night.

It appears Deanna Lorraine Tesoriero has a history of drug abuse and criminal behavior. According to a source within the Proud Boys, Ethan Nordean, on July 3rd between 9pm and 10pm, Deanna Lorraine Teserio “entered the males bathroom with a ‘Proud Boy’ to do cocaine”.

“I was appalled and disgusted by someone who presented themselves extremely orthodox to the conservative community to conduct themselves in this vulgar capacity” indicated Omar Navarro, who was one of the many who were entrapped and secretly recorded by Deanna Lorraine and Irina Chavaskaya.

In the days prior, a local bartender also saw Lorraine and Navarro intertwined, while she was sitting on his lap at the Trump Hotel in Washington DC, all the while she was claiming not dating Navarro since early December.

Deanna also indicated she broke it off with Omar before a Florida free speech event, but further pictures that surfaced on social media indicated they stayed at the same Airbnb together.

According to Selena on a Facebook live stream, a co-organizer of the Florida free speech rally, the former “couple” were sleeping together and flew back from Orlando airport to Los Angeles together.

This overwhelming evidence contradicting Deanna Lorraine Tesoriero’s alleged behavior of Navarro, indicates this to be a concentrated and calculated endeavor to entrap and defame a ‘rising-star’ Republican candidate for Congress.

We have since confirmed that the Omar Navarro campaign has requested state authorities to investigate the incidents, calling them a “national political entrapment campaign of significant concern.”


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