Non-Duality Changing Your Life for the Better or Not


Non-duality or Advaita is the oneness of everything. It means non-dual or not two. This is the ultimate oneness, which is the central quality of everything. Everything is included in non-dual consciousness.

Once you try to accomplish self-realisation, you come closer to the reality of the world. Non-duality teaches you that you are wholesome. When you attain this concept’s realities, you unfold the layers of its depths, and eventually, you become the better version of yourself.


You might be having a question like if everything is one thing, why don’t you experience it in that manner? The point is you take oneness as the appearance of sameness. You must understand that Things look different without being divided.

For example, if you look at your hand, you would find that your fingers are different from each other. But do you think they are separate? All your fingers arise from the same hand.

Similarly, animals, objects, plants, and people in the universe are all certainly different in their looks and working. But all these things are connected to the point that they all come from the same place.

If you look around, you will find endless people. Everywhere you see, you find things, people, and animals. Amidst it all, you are not alone. You are the part of the oneness of this universe.

Nothing Matters 

Once you attain enlightenment, you would no longer be affected by the comments or views of others. You would be content in yourself, and nothing would disturb your inner-self. It is the power of Advaita that you would realise this underlying reality of life.

Inner Power

When you realise that there is only oneness in the world and no two, you recognise the power of your inner-self and non duality. You realise that whatever power is there in the world, it is there in you too. You can make the most of your power when you have discovered it.  

You have many desires, aspirations, and goals in life, right? You wish that you would do this, or you would accomplish that in the future. But how are you utilising your present moment of power? Inner power is immense, and it is endless to make things happen.

Peace of Mind

You can be much better in your life if you have peace of mind. How many times do you find your mind at peace? Well, maybe never in this contemporary era. The world is pacing so fast because of the dramatic desires and aspirations that the real reality is disappearing.

You start your day with the thought in mind to do so many tasks and relax. But how many times do you feel that you are relaxing your mind? You are constantly comparing yourself with others. You are still after a thing that is not yours yet. Even if you attain one thing, you have another thing ready standing there to take place in your desire list.

Now, the point is, once you practice non-duality, you experience that everyone is the one, and nobody is outside the oneness of the world. When you experience that everyone is the same and has the ultimate power, you stop comparing yourself.

Peace of mind is something that can be in your life only if you take a spiritual journey. Practising Advaita is your path to inner enlightenment and supreme peace of mind. You can use meditation to practice.

You Can Attain Self-Realisation

The reality of non-dual consciousness in Advaita, or oneness of being, might sound to you like unattainable. It is not hidden anywhere or difficult for you to attain. It is ordinary, and everyone can accomplish it. This non-dual consciousness is the general state.

If you stop for some time in this busy world and try to dig in yourself, you would take steps towards enlightenment. You are the Brahman of Advaita, and once you realise it, nobody can stop you from experiencing the real world. Understanding that there is no destination and no creation can make you know the true worth of your inner-self.

There is nothing that is starting or nothing that is ending. It is all a constant flow, and you are all a part of it. All the power is at this moment, and you have it all within you. Nothing is in the future, and nothing was passed because it is all in your mind.

Hence, you can take a stride towards a contented life once you taste the truth of non-duality. You can completely transform your life even if you could attain a smidgen of Advaita in life.


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