How Businesses Get Advantage from the All New iPad Pro and Tablets

Is it possible for businesses to ditch the clunky work laptop or desktops in favor of the sleek new iPad pro? Let’s find out.

Get Advantage From iPad and Tablets

Is it possible for businesses to ditch the clunky work laptop or desktops in favor of the sleek new iPad pro? Let’s find out.

Increase your productivity

As the adage goes, time is money. Businesses, especially, are well aware of this and so, are always looking for options to make tasks more efficient. A good tablet rental with iPad pro hire options will let you do just that. The Ios9 equipped with split screen view is perfectly suited for businesses and people who need to perform multiple tasks at once. For example, if you’re doing some calculations, no need to switch apps or have a calculator by your side. You can just open the calculator app in split view. Similarly, copying data from one app to another can also be accommodated through this option.

In order to access this useful feature, swipe left from the right side and options to view apps in split screen will appear. Choose the apps you want to operate simultaneously and enjoy increased productivity. The possibilities are endless!

Remote access

Forgot your laptop? Or couldn’t carry it due to some reason? IPad hire has you covered. With the Remote Desktop Access option, you can get access to your computer in no time and resume important tasks as scheduled.

It is a free-to-download tool that will give you access to your computer and files that may not be on the cloud.

iPads and tablets have now streamlined business trips for businessmen always on the run; we think these are gadgets worthy of being spent on.

Presentations made easy

Gone are the days when you could only give presentations with a computer present. The iPad Pro-2018 has a new addition to it: the USB-C port. You can now have access to all features of the iPad including all your data, thousands of apps, and present it all to your audience on the go!

Have an important meeting overseas? With the right cable, tablets and iPads are your best tool to present instantaneously.

You can turn it into a laptop

Even with all its merits, you cannot use a tablet to replace a laptop for business activities because of one major physical difference: there is no external keyboard!

You opt for an iPad air hire for your business and realize how awkward it is to type with the screen built-in keyboard. It is one thing to type in your phone and another matter entirely to type on the iPad screen. This is where detachable keyboards come in.

For example, Apple’s Smart Keyboard for the iPad Pro can be used to substitute a big laptop keyboard. You will especially love this option if you prefer your gadgets to be small and compact instead of taking up the entire desk space.

Business notes the smart way

With all these nifty features, here’s another one: whether it is an iPad or a tablet, it can also be used as an electronic notepad.

There are different options available for users. If you like to type in your notes, you can either use a detachable or the built-in screen keyboard.

However, if you prefer it old school, you can use a digital pencil like the iPencil to write down on the screen. There are a number of apps available that can be downloaded to read and convert your handwriting to printed text.

Plus points for portability

As a businessman, you may have to travel frequently and lugging a chunky laptop along may not be the most feasible option. For this particular reason alone, we think the iPad stands out as the obvious solution amongst all other gadgets. This lightweight, yet powerful machine can weigh as little as 469g and last for as long as 13hours and 55minutes.

Access to office productivity tools

In order to get full access to major office productivity tools, you no longer have to depend on a computer only. There are a host of mobile softwares which provide users with an array of tools to work with.

Basic office productivity apps such as Pages, Keynotes, and Numbers are already present in Apple. For more specific usage, you can download third-party apps from the app stores and get going.

Here are some examples of great tools all businesses should have on their iPads and other tablets:

prefer to use Microsoft Office app arsenal over others? Well here’s good news – this series of mobile Office apps are available for iPad.

One app to access your accounts from anywhere! With this app downloaded in your gadget, you can easily keep an eye on your accounts.

We think this app is particularly well-suited for small to medium-sized businesses. Make sales efficiently and on the go especially if the nature of your business requires mobility.

Final thoughts…

Tablets and iPad may not replace laptops entirely in business functions, but we think they are coming quite close to it. What do you think?


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