Thursday, December 12, 2019
good friday 2019

Interesting Things to Know About Good Friday 2019

Good Friday, as many know it already, is a holy day for Christians for they believe, Jesus was crucified on this day. Since the...
Idea Behind Holi

The Idea Behind Holi: A Festival of Colors

You all might have heard the word 'Holi' at least once in your life. Today we are going to give you a little glimpse...
valentine day date 2019

What is Valentine’s Day? History And Why Do We Celebrate it!

14th February an annual celebration for expressing love between the two. It is a day to make the lovers one. Famous and the best...
Valentine’s Day History

History of the Valentine’s Day: The Real Story Behind Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is arguably the second most celebrated day after Christmas. It is closely associated with romance today, but its origin had absolutely nothing...
christmas 2018 date

Christmas Around The World….How They Celebrate

Christmas is an event of Christians that is celebrated around the whole World. Different countries celebrate Eve according to their own style and decoration....

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