History Of Halloween

History Of Halloween

Halloween holiday a very old event of Celts known as Samhain. in early ages the Celts lived in Ireland. Roman conquered the mostly Celtic territory in the 43 A.D. They ruled over the Celtic lands for a period of 400 years. Then the two festivals of Romans combined with the Samhain festival.

Most of the people in the Northern France and UK are celebrating their new year on the 1st of November each year. This day is at the end of the summer season and Harvest, the beginning of the dark nights and the cold icy winter season.

People Connects the Halloween holiday with the human death. These people have faith that the last night of the new year, the boundary line between the live people and the dead is becoming fuzzy. That’s why they celebrated that event on the 31 of October every year. They believe at the last night of the year, all the dead ghosts came back again on the earth. This will be the base of problems and destroy crops.

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People use different guising and the mumming be the part of this festival. Halloween time starts with the last sunset of the current year and ended with the sunrise of the new year. The traditions of Samhain have included to the event to make it a traditional celebration. The Celtic people like to wear special Halloween costumes, use huge light bonfires and different masks of ghosts. These costumes and the masks mostly resemble the head of different animals and their skins.

On that festival, the Celtics believe that the existence of these souls and spirits make it possible to predict the future. The priests can easily make predictions about the loss and the benefit throughout the year. According to these predictions, they schedule out their activities for the whole year. These people have full faith in this temporary world, these predictions can be a main cause of relieving and direction during the dark and cold winter.

To celebrate this event the priest make a huge and scary bonfire by burning their crops and animals. The Celts gathered to burn their animals and the crops. They make sacrifices of animals and crops to get rid of harm and the loss. This event is one of the most four famous celebrations along with Bealtanie, Lughnasadh and the Imbolc. It is commonly celebrated in several countries like Scottland, Isle of Man and Ireland. Celts also celebrate other festivals like Samhain throughout the year in different Celtic regions. These events are famous as Kalan Gwav in Cornwall, Kalan Goanv in Brittany and Brythonic Calan Gaeaf in Wales.


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