Incredible Ideas for Modest Hijabi Halloween Women Costumes

hijab halloween women costumes
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The Halloween Costume store is filled with stylish and sexy costumes for increasing the joy of your Halloween celebrations. From Hogwarts uniforms to outfits for nurses, it looks as taking away fabric while adding a push-up bra is considered as the most famous way of Oct. 31st carnival. However, for the Hejabi ladies; there are also dozens of ways to get dressed up in the modest yet unique costumes. It’s up to your wish whether to intimate hit show character like The Handmaid’s Tale or become your much-loved cartoon, adopting these creative Halloween costume ideas, every Hejabi girl can rock the day.

Black Cat

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?? Part 1/3….

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Wear a black hijab with a furry twist by having cat ears on top. Rock your look by making whiskers and a nose with makeup and here you go.

Handmaid’s Tale

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If my right eye offends thee, pluck it out.

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Live the character of Janine and June with your best friend just by wearing a long red dress with a white bonnet and matching cloak.

Mood Child

Pick the style of a ribbed shirt in white color and cover the head with white hijab enhanced with butterfly clips.


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This creative outfit is perfect to roam around whether out of the town or to the workplace.

Princess Leia

Princess Leia
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Blush by carrying the look of Princess Leia by simply tying her iconic buns to your Hijab. Creative, easy and fascinating!


Lace hijab stylized with a flower crown will compliment your adopted look of Dia Los Muertos.


For the Disney fans and black color lovers, this hijab way is a perfect choice giving you a mysterious yet elegant look. Cover your face with a horned headpiece while body with a black costume. And rock by being famous Disney Villian Maleficent!

Cruella de Vil

A jacket or a furry bolero with a combo of black and white hijab will give you a simple, hazy look. This Halloween; make elegance your style.

Princess Anna

Princess Anna
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Look beautiful by carrying Anna’s unique pigtail braids pronounced with freckles. Giving people an impact of building a snowman, after seeing you!


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Here is the Meow look, feline whiskers drawing on your face with twinkling cat ears to your hijab. Say happy Halloween to your peers.


Celebrating Halloween with the spark of Ariel, what else do you want? Simply manage a flowy mermaid mane attached to your Hijab.


Just a pair of antlers will compliment your hijab while giving you a perfect Halloween look. And here you go to rock the show!

Queen Elsa

Queen Elsa
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For channeling adorable Elsa on Halloween, wear a silver hijab along with a sparkling braid and an icy-bluish outfit. Look beautiful on this Halloween!

Harajuku Lovers

Stand out from the crown by mixing and matching all rainbow colors. Have a glorious and colorful Halloween!

The Joker

Signature purple and green Joker’s color palette will give you a perfect playful outlook. Wear a purple shirt headed with green hijab. Don’t forget a creepy makeover on the face. Smile and make others smile


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