High School Musical 4: Release Date, Cast, and Platform

High School Musical 4

After a long time, here we have good news for High school Musical fan lovers. Disney has announced that the fourth installment of High school Musical is on the way, and the whole subject name is “ High school Musical 4: East Meets West.”

We heard so many news in 2016, but now it is 100 % confirmed news that it would release in 2019. Meanwhile, Disney has told about new characters and confirmed that old characters would drop out.

High Scool Musical film is an American musical television series which directed by Kenny Ortega. It is a story of two high school juniors: Troy and Gabriella. They try to find their ways in high school musical show, and this causes division in other students.

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Who is in high school musical 4?

Cast Stars: Erin, Campbell, Derek, Tamara, Nathalie
The fourth installment is coming after 15 years, so it’s a long time. Therefore, many characters have reached their ages such as Zac Efron and Vaness Hudgens. They will not appear in the upcoming series.

Moreover, other old characters such as Troy, Gabriella, Chad, Sharpay have out of time. Therefore, new characters will appear in High School Musical 4 installment.

However, only Bart Johson, the coach of Bolton will return in the latest series. Another new casting is listed above.

Where you can see High School Musical 4

Have you heard about the Disney new platform? No? Okay! I tell you about it. Disney introduced its new streaming platform called Disney plus.

The High School Musical 4 will be available at this new Disney platform. It came in the competition to Netflix. This will be cheaper than Netflix. Therefore most of the people switch on Disney plus.

When is it coming out?

Well, you will see the fourth installment after 15 years. Therefore, it will be different from the previous series. The release date of High School Musical 4 is not confirmed, but it is saying that most probably the fourth installment will come at the end of 2019 may be in October or November.


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