Heather Locklear Sued By EMT Following Her June Arrest

Heather Locklear

In June, Heather Locklear purportedly attacked a medical technician who was working in an emergency department. For this act, she has been sued.

The victim EMT who was allegedly kicked by Locklear registered a complaint against the prior “Melrose Place”. Fox News confirmed that he filed the lawsuit on Thursday.

As per TMZ, referring to documents of court, the suit claims Locklear attempted physical and verbal abuse towards Hayn-Hiton. Since he was trying to put Locklear over a stretcher after reacting to a trouble call at the home of the actress. The event happened on June 24.

However, according to the outlet, the papers state Hayn-Hiton reportedly endured injuries. Consequently, she missed her work leading to losing pay.

Additionally, the lawsuit acclaims that Locklear aged 57 purposefully desired deaths on three young kids of Hayn-Hiton from AIDS.

The EMT is allegedly appealing for indeterminate damages in order to compensate medical pain, costs, sufferings, and wages lost.

As per a rep for Locklear, the actress was on pause from the organization. Further, they don’t possess information about the lawsuit.

For Allegedly Attacking EMT, Heather Locklear May Confront Legal Action

An attorney for Hayn-Hiton, Kevin Flahavan said that “This is not the first time Ms. Locklear has physical and verbally abused first responders and she has never taken responsibility for her actions. If you or I acted like that, there would be consequences to our actions. Ms. Locklear’s actions should have consequences as well.”

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“Those consequences should be aimed at making my client whole for the injuries that she sustained, and they should also be aimed at preventing Ms. Locklear from doing this to someone else in the future”. He continued.

He further added, “I understand Ms. Locklear has had a long career in show business, but that shouldn’t give her the right to hurt other people and threaten their children without facing consequences.”

For Attacking Cop, EMT, Heather Locklear Has Been Arrested

With reference to attacking an emergency employee on June 24, Locklear has been arrested against a police officer for battery.

As per the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office statement, at Locklear’s home, it was a response to a 911 call shortly after 11 p.m. Locklear showed up at “heavily intoxicated” and was “arguing with other subjects at the residence.”

A spokesperson for the department said that “The responding deputy believed it was necessary to separate her from the others. In the process of trying to separate her, she battered the deputy…There was no injury to the deputy. That action caused her to get arrested.”

Because of her “behavior and level of intoxication,” it became necessary to jeep check on Locklear. Thus, police called an ambulance.


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