Healing Phimosis with Circumcision Revision Surgery

Circumcision Revision Surgery

There are many occasions when surgery can go horribly wrong and complications can develop as a result. So what you can do about it? It is simple to have the surgery again in the right way.

The procedure can be mentally disturbing because you have to go through the whole process all over again starting from the beginning.

What if you have a problem related to your penis called Phimosis, then what you will do? An answer to this situation is circumcision revision surgery. This unusual and unique condition is very uncommon but still, it exists in the male of all ages.

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Explaining Phimosis:

When the skin on the penis fully covers it but there is a difference between skin covering the penis in a normal and this one.

In normal circumstances, the skin can be moved forward and backward on the penis.

But a patient suffering from Phimosis, the skin can’t be pulled back that covers the penis completely.

It is very common that the skin on the penis doesn’t adjust on it but if the circumstances proceed longer than usual then it becomes necessary to consult a doctor.

Symptoms and Signs to Look for:

It is important to note when the symptoms and signs start to indicate that Phimosis is been developed.

Although there are no prominent signs for it but still if the following symptoms begin to show then consulting a doctor should be your first priority;

  1. Swelling in the shape of a balloon.
  2. Severe pain along with scaring.
  3. Can’t pull the skin back which is covering the penis.
  4. Building up of fluid can result in odor, itching, and sores.
  5. Feeling of discomfort when urinating.

The Root of the Cause:

The causes of Phimosis are somewhat similar to those of Paraphimosis. But one reason is that it is a natural process and happens to all male but the severity can be judged by many points. The abnormal condition can have the following roots;

  1. The skin becomes tighter than it should be.
  2. If the penis is not kept clean then germs can develop.
  3. This can cause infection rashes which leads to Phimosis.
  4. When there is an abnormality in the hormonal response then spots of white color will appear.
  5. It can make the skin feel itchy and can be damaged easily.
  6. This disease can also be transferred through infections that are sexually transmitted.
  7. A high quantity of glucose in the blood can also result in its development.

Listing any Difficulties:

It is most unlikely that any complication develops as a result of Phimosis. But still, there is a big chance that adults in their later years have difficulties related to the skin covering the whole penis.

If such circumstances come out then consulting a good doctor like from Circumcision Center is must be a part of your plan. These complications include;

  1. It can develop again in the later years of a male’s life.
  2. The growth of ulcer on the penis.
  3. Inflammation on the skin called Posthitis
  4. Dead skin cells gathering on the tip of the penis.

Avoiding it to happen:

Are you scared that you might have Phimosis? You don’t need to be afraid because there are certain ways by which you can avoid having this condition at all.

You take the following measures to keep yourself safe from Phimosis;

  1. Wash the penis regularly to keep the routine healthy.
  2. If the skin is gone ahead of the penis then you must pull it back carefully.
  3. Don’t use any alcoholic based item to clean it.
  4. Be gentle when you wash it. Rigorous rubbing can damage the area.

Comparison with Paraphimosis:

There is lots of difference between Paraphimosis and Phimosis starting from the placing of the foreskin on the penis.

In Paraphimosis the skin is pulled back whereas, in Phimosis, it covers the whole organ. Dorsal slit, stretching exercises and cream containing steroids can be used for Phimosis but with gradual pulling the skin back is the only cure for Paraphimosis.

But the symptoms are more or less the same in both.

Circumcision Revision Surgery for Phimosis:

It is most important to note that if you suffer from Phimosis don’t try to heal it on your own.

Sometimes you think that pulling it back to the original position will help but it can cause pain and can damage your penis permanently.

It is wise to visit a doctor so that proper treatment can start. It is observed that steroid creams can be applied so that pushing the skin back becomes easy.

If the cream doesn’t help then partial or full circumcision surgery is required to remove the foreskin.

The excess skin is pulled forward and cut and then stitches are inserted to keep the skin in its normal position.

Now by reading this, you must have come to know that you can overcome any type of surgery that had not been correctly operated before, especially circumcision revision surgery which can cure a number of medical conditions including Phimosis.


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