Halloween 2018, 2019 And Further

when is halloween

Always held on 31st of October. It is a day before the All Saint day. It is a festival that connects the dead or alive together on earth. Each year people use different types of looks and tricks to horrify the others. Some of them wear horrible costumes and others like to do Halloween makeup looks. It is the one night of the year when all the people dress up in scary and spooky costumes.

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Halloween is not an American celebration only. It came from the Celtic event named Samhain. Trick-or-treating is also an act of Americans but it originates from Ireland, Wales, and Scotland. People get sweets and gifts in exchange for poems and songs. Pumpkin carve is used to turn it into a scary mask to protect against spirits.

When is Halloween

Date Holiday Day Week Number
October 31, 2018 Halloween2018 Wednesday 41
October 31, 2019 Halloween2019 Thursday 41
October 31, 2020 Halloween2020 Saturday 41
October 31, 2021 Halloween2021 Sunday 41
October 31, 2022 Halloween2022 Monday 41
October 31, 2023 Halloween2023 Tuesday 41
October 31, 2024 Halloween2024 Thursday 41
October 31, 2025 Halloween2025 Friday 41
October 31, 2026 Halloween2026 Saturday 41

This Halloween engaged people in creative mode as they do different competitions and other activities. There are 5 most famous things that people would like to do in a strong competition at Halloween this year.

1. Create-it Competitions

People create competition in doing different festivities like making movies and creating some spooky models etc. They decore their farms and places with pumpkin carving. This competition leads the normal things to the superb.

2. Costume Competitions

Halloween is all about creating fantastic costumes enough to make your event more regular and scary. People make costumes like funny, spooky, and creative. Some also replicate the musicians, celebrities, and pop singers according to their interest.

3. Create Some Leering, Lingering Lenticels

Making giant plants to decor the tables of food. They made various styles of this giant plant under the strong competition. Winner will be clapped by the others at the party night.

4. Trick-or-Treating Competition

Halloween is incomplete without trick-or-treating. It’s a time to give more and take less. People make different foods to have a party with their family and friends.

5. Makeup Competition

This makeup or body paint is a large part of the Halloween. People make spooky tattoos, use great ideas of Halloween makeup to be a nightmare at Halloween.

Men, woman, and kids apply different types of makeup according to their interest and nature. Each year it is celebrated on the 31st of October. Halloween holiday also highlights the end of the year and the start of the New Year. At Halloween, summer has been near to end and the winter is going to be started.

It is a Spooky tradition that celebrated for the centuries. People celebrate Halloween to welcome the bad spirits that cause problems. People get sweets and cakes from each other to multiply the relations. Keep bad evils away from them.


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