GTA 6: Reason behind the Delay in Announcement


The rumors of GTA 6 features are blowing the mind of everyone. Well, the official game is not revealed yet. We have shared a lot of suggestions of GTA 6 with you and need to shut down more evolvement.

However, still the speculations are on a high note, and there is not a little information about the game. Here we’ll talk about GTA 6 at Sony Conference. Will GTA 6 reveal at the Sony conference or not?

Rumors are saying there will be an exclusive title on next-generation PlayStation. Therefore there could be a significant turning point on the revealed at the Sony conference.

Well, some rumors are saying GTA 6 can reveal at the time of the Sony standalone conference for PlayStation 5.

We did not hear the chance of GTA 6 reveal at the significant event but could wait for Sony fro their move. The franchise, Rockstar games explains the separate game, so we hope for the best.

Rockstar Games did not confirm the release date yet. However, rumors are always around. The game is on development stahe and still not ready for the exhibition for any big event.   Rockstar Games have a great idea to surprise their fans with the glimpse of the game soon.

Moreover, the franchise also takes advantage so that always remained in the limelight. Whatever the reveal date, fans have to keep eyes on it.


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