In reality, GTA 6 s nothing just then a few rumors. Day-by-Day rumors are getting more and more. Everyone is making their own predictions about the game. And each news is spreading over the industry without losing a minute. Because GTA 6 is the most awaited game. Fans of the game have already bearing too much wait for having the full version of the game.

So this news will also dump them more. As the GTA 6 release is postponed due to the Red Dead Redemption and Bully 2 release.

Bully 2 is also another game project of Rockstar. And the developers are buy in the development process of the game. This game was firstly introduced in 2006. Now the team is working on its second sequel which is more similar to GTA 6.

On the other hand, the console edition of the Red Dead Redemption was released in 2018. And after two years it starts available for PCs. And this leads the game at the top. So, GTA 5 is also a console version at the time of its release. And after a period of two years, the PC version is available in the market.

So Red Dead Redemption also a console version at the time of release. And it may be available for PC version after some more time. Most of the game which launched as console versions grasp more profit for the companies. And after one or two years late these are available for PCs. And PC games are more chances to have pirated copies in the market which brings loss to the developers.

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But all the rumors are highlighting the Rockstar. Therefore, due to these rumors along with fans, the competitors are also remaining unknown about the exact release.


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