GTA 6: Female Gangstar is on the way, Rumors about Female Protagonist


Gamers always want to new and best features of the game. GTA 6 is becoming popular nowadays.

There are many speculations about the GTA 6 release. GTA 6 is creating hope that can happen even for those fans that are

For GTA 5, As you saw, Rockstar broke the philosophy of the gamers as well as brought three playable protagonists. According to new rumors players, Rockstar is going to change some characters for Grand Theft Auto 6.

Now developers will feature a female protagonist. in previous GTA version, the Protagonist was male. However, Rockstar is making some changing in the things for the next edition.

Rumors are saying there would be the female protagonist in GTA VI. But the female character is not really happened. Well if it will happen when the game is more appealing than the previous versions of GTA.

The female protagonist will be a great decision, and fans will be really excited. After the official spoilers, there will be a single character based on the storyline. Chances of the female protagonist are getting ruled out in the case.

The game still has some controversies about the release.howerer, also reporting that it will be exclusive on PS. Players have some reasons to hate the franchise as they did in GTA 5.

GTA 6 will be a blockbuster game I upcoming days because Rockstar made significant changes in it.


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