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Glasgow School Holidays 2021

Glasgow school holiday is the holiday schedule for the city of Glasgow, Scotland. Parents and students are basically getting very excited about these holiday dates. Moreover, the reason is they make their holiday plans and programs depending on the school holiday schedule. Certainly, Glashow is a fantastic port city in Scotland. Moreover, you all know the city is famous for its rich architecture and old culture. And, the schools of Glasgow are also very sophisticated. However, if you guys are Scottish and at the same time parents, then maybe you also came here to see your children’s school holidays list. We are also here to give you all details about the Glasgow school holidays 2021 and more.

Generally, every year, Glasgow city council publishes holiday plans for all schools. Moreover, it seems most often, holiday dates are declared at a council level. That’s why we always suggest you get connected with the Glasgow city council website. If you want to get the most authentic information and other details also like important dates or anything regarding school holidays, here is the official website

Not only that if you are looking for any counseling services, any information on laws, or any public services then stay connected with them. Moreover, the dates of holidays can differ from school to school because of different reasons (teachers training, any kind of emergency or internal issues). So for your safety, you can contact the authority of your kids’ school for the correct information.

Dates of school holidays 2021

To illustrate, here are also the dates of the Glasgow school holiday 2021. On the left-hand side, the reasons for holidays are attached, and on the right side of the table, you will get the specific dates of holiday.

School Holiday (Purpose) Date

Spring midterm 2021

15 February (Monday)2021 –

19 February (Friday) 2021


Easter holiday 2021

2 April (Friday) 2021 –

16 April (Friday) 2021


Summer midterm 2021

31 May (Monday) 2021-

4 June (Friday) 2021


Summer holiday 2021

26 July (Monday) 2021 –

1 September (Wed) 2021


Autumn mid term 2021

25 October (Monday) 2021 –

29 October (Friday) 2021


Christmas holiday 2021

20 December (Monday) 2021 –

3 January (Monday) 2022


Nonetheless, holiday dates can be changed at any moment for different reasons. Notably, if anything happens then, city council authorities will upload the information to their website. However, for more detail and updates, check these websites. – Glasgow School Holiday – Academic Year/School Holiday – School term / holiday dates and furthermore


1: My son is from Hyndland Secondary School, Glasgow’, Is that holiday list also the same for my child’s school?

Answer: Probably yes, we can’t assure you about that because the city council said that this holiday list would be the same for all schools. However, there will be some exceptions. It’s better to call your children’s school and make sure that your kid’s school is also included in that holiday list. Interestingly, another way you can visit their website to get information. – Glasgow School Holiday – Academic Year/School Holiday – School term / holiday dates and furthermore

However, we hope your kids’ school is also a part of the current ‘Glasgow school holiday 2021’ plan.

2: What is the source of your information? Are these dates genuine?

Answer: Certainly, the dates we attached here are genuine, and obviously, we have a valid source of that data. There are chances to change the dates so, and we highly encourage you to go for the official Glasgow government website.

Check this out – – Glasgow School Holiday

3: How will we know if anything changes in those holiday dates?

Answer: If the government makes any change, then we will upload that information on our website as soon as possible. So, if you turn on the notification on this website, then when we update the news, you will get it instantly. Besides, get in touch with the government website because that would be beneficial for you.

4: Can you guys tell me about the Glasgow school break up for summer 2022?

Answer:  Sure, there is a May holiday available on 2 May (Monday). There could be a service day on May 5, which is Thursday. And the May weekend dates are 27 May to 30 May (Friday to Monday). 24 June (Friday) at 1:00 PM the school will shut down for the summer holidays.

5: What are the key dates of the Glasgow school holidays 2021?

Answer: School will also close on 1 April (Thursday) at 2:30 PM. Easter Monday will Take place on April 5th, 2021. 3 May (Monday) 2021, May holiday. 13 August (Friday) school will close for service day. 23 December (Thursday) 2021 to 4 January (Tuesday) is the holiday for the Christmas celebration.

6: When will Glasgow schools break up for summer?

Answer: On June 24 (Thursday), the schools will close at 1:20 PM, according to the Glasgow city council website. Students will get a 1 month and 3 weeks long holiday before opening the school. The school will open again on August 16 (Monday).

7: How many days are there for the Christmas holiday?

Answer: According to the Glasgow city council website we found that the Christmas holiday also start 20 December 2021 (Monday) to 3 January (Monday) 2022. So approximately you will get 14 days. However, Check the official website.

Final Thoughts

Here we have also shown almost everything about the Glasgow school holidays 2021 along with necessary weblinks and information. Also, we have attached multiple website links to help you get updated. Furthermore, you have proper access to the Glasgow city council website and Scotland government official website for further information.

Now I think you have almost everything to start planning for a fantastic holiday trip. However, if we missed anything to share, then let us know immediately in the comment section. Moreover, if you have any further inquiry or question then share with us, we will also contact you soon. Good luck with your holiday trip, and thanks for reading this article.


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