Gigi Hadid wore Socks with Sandals : Are you ready to copycat her?

gigi hadid

Gigi Hadid is a kind of supermodel whose fashion and style is often copied by her fans. She always bring something new and unique. This time she is planning to change your foot style with her weird but cute combo of socks and sandals.

Normally, when a person wears socks with sandals then she is considered as a person who has zero style sense and or simply fashion backward.  But when Gigi opted for the same look we can say she did it with grace and therefore we would be happy to follow her.

The 23-year-old model attended Wardobe NYC’s Launch of Release 04 DENIM & Levi’s Collaboration in New York City last day. She picked stylish items for the day such as biker shorts, denim outfit and delicate gold necklaces.

But what makes her look very bold is crew black socks with a pair of Valentino Birkenstocks. You can get that kind of sandals for $450.

Supermodel combines black biker shorts with oversized denim layers and a white tee over which you can see gold necklace. She carried a small handbag with black and white lightning bolt print.

Even she is wearing black socks with strap Sandal but she is not looking fashion clueless at all. On the flip side, she gave us an idea how to wear the same combination to an event without feeling embarrass. Don’t you agree with me?


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