Gigi Hadid & Tyler Cameron Reportedly Don’t like Having Media Attention all the time

tyler cameron

Media men and Paparrazi are all over Gigi Hadid and Tyler Cameron since the day they spotted together at Brooklyn hostpot DUMBO house in August. It’s been almost a month, and this couple is under media radar all the time. Where they go, they are being followed by either photographers and reporters and report suggest that they don’t like this attention. No one does, but they are a celebrity.

Fans are curious to know what is happening between Gigi Hadid and Tyler Cameron. It’s not just media which annoy this couple. Recently, Tyler’s ex-girlfriend Hannah Brown talked about couple in a wine tasting segment of a magazine. During that segment, she talked about her whole romantic relationship on The Bachelorette. Brown spoke about Tyler and also said that she felt a bit disrespectful when he moved quickly from Hannah to Gigi.

A recent report on suggests that 24/7 attention from everyone is not suitable for the friendship cum romantic relationship of Hadid and Cameron.

 “The media attention has been hard on Tyler and Gigi,” a source explained to People. “They’re trying to navigate it right now because they know how the press can pick apart every date they have and turn it into something bigger.”

Source also explained that they both are in a phase where they are getting to know each other. Cameron thinks that both have really “Connected.” Furthermore, one thing which adds real life into this relationship is his respect for the model.

Tyler is busy managing his fame that comes from the reality show, he also has a business to deal with, but at the same time, he is busy in creating some boundaries with Hadid. He is not “discussing business” with her; that’s mean he is not a person who has considering the model as an opportunity. 

Cameron has got ample media attention due to his reality show background and his current relationship with Gigi. So, if he is setting those boundaries, he is trying not to scare Hadid off.

Tyler was spotted in the Funeral of Gigi’s grandmother. He is also winning some big boy point in the diary of Hadid. 

Dylan Barbour of Bachelor in Paradise recently hinted that relationship is going well between reality star and model, 

“I don’t care whether [she’s] a supermodel or not, as long as Tyler’s happy, I’m happy.” He told this to Entertainment Tonight. 

Unwanted media attention is annoying for both stars, but they can’t avoid it. For almost a month, they did well in their relationship despite the fact every media outlet was chasing them. We hope that they learn to live with it. 

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