Gigi Hadid spotted in Stylish Sandy Look in Michael Kors Collection

gigi hadid

Gigi Hadid was looking chic last day when she appeared on the launch party for her Michael Kors Wonderlust Fragrance campaign. She gave us perfect idea what to wear in this blazing summer.

She wore a golden brown slip dress which has a magical element in the form of feathers. Her white shell purse added extra charm to her beauty. Though you can’t wear her patent brown leather boot but it seems that Gigi was playing to offer you a perfect family color contrast.

Her shell purse and shell-pearl jewelry bring beachy element to her stylish brown silky outfit.  Everything she wore for that launch party came straight from Michael Kors collection.

Once you done praising her brownie silk outfit, next thing which is super cool is her braided pony tail. You can see double color contrast not only in her dress but also in her hairstyle. If you are a girl who doesn’t want to open her hair and keep them on shoulder then you can simply follow the plaited tight braid ponytail hairstyle of this 23-year-old supermodel.

Her wet-look hair length is quite slicked at the crown area , so when you are done with your deep sea dive you can instantly make this kind of braid; and thereby you grab a stylish girl look immediately.

She kept her makeup-tone sandy with a buff smokey eye makeup. Brown shade is apparent on her brows. However, she picked nude pink lipstick for her beautiful lips.

Would you like to copycat her look? I’m sure you will.

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