Gigi Hadid is Setting Mis-Matched Earring Trends in 2019

gigihadid fashion trends

Gigi Hadid is known for setting fashion trends for girls. This 23-year old model has just introduced a new trend of wearing mismatched earnings. Before I tell you anything more about it, you should have a quick look at her unique style.

Mismatched earrings are not the new thing for a person who is active on Instagram as many people wear this kind of jewelry style from time to time. However, what is new is that Gigi Hadid is wearing mismatched earrings very the first time. She appeared with this stunning new fashion look while attending Heron Preston’s menswear presentation during Paris Fashion Week.

Hadid gives a try to a unique mismatched earring style. She wore a long dangling earring whole tail has a hanging toy car. On the other side, she went classic with a dropstone earning. She made a great combo of those mismatched ear jewel with a chic necklace comprises of various chain links.

As far as her dress is concerned, she wore the graffiti-strewn beige silk suit without any inner shirt. She accessorized her silk dress with a pair of slides having stiletto heels.

She kept her hairstyle simple and casual, this new style of wearing different earrings at the same time might turn into new trends among fashion-forward divas. What do you think? Do you like to follow this beautiful model of our generation?

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