Are you planning to change the flooring to revamp your apartment with an exciting new outlook? Or perhaps, you are planning to get new flooring for your home? Regardless, flooring is an investment that requires substantial money, time, and effort. Even if you spend hours browsing Pinterest designs, it is not like going to a walk in the park. 

The process begins with restoring the old tiles to choosing the right flooring, and overseeing the installation. If you are a big DIY advocate, it is time to put aside your do-it-yourself hat and save up for professionals. In order to get new flooring, it is a challenging and complicated endeavor, and you don’t want to mess this up with unnecessary fiddling.

Numerous flooring mistakes end up costing hundreds of dollars and ruining the existing floor plan. This article will help prepare you for an excellently executed flooring adventure by introducing some common mistakes. 

Here, take a look:
Mistake #1: Failing to Create a Flexible Schedule 

Have you allocated a two-day schedule to get new flooring installation, so it’s ready just in time for the Christmas feast? Or do you plan to get it done within less than 24 hours so you can start receiving your wedding guests? 

Most homeowners make the terrible mistake of failing to create a flexible schedule. If you want it done quickly, prepare yourself for a hasty and inefficient installation. Whether you are undertaking flooring installation or refinishing, it would help if you had a flexible schedule. Flooring installation requires 3-5 days, depending on the material, space, and other elements. 

What’s more, it will take another 2-3 days to get new flooring to settle in before you can start moving and dragging furniture. Experts strongly recommend homeowners to create flexible schedules and avoid flooring installation during busy months. Any flooring company in Norcross will propose at least a week-long plan for building and refinishing.  

If you’re getting the entire flooring redone, you will have to leave the house during that period. It requires removing all furniture and family members from the premises. Come to think of it; flooring installation is an excellent time to plan a short vacation or a family getaway. 

Mistake #2: Prioritizing Cheap Services

When hiring a flooring contractor, it is crucial to prioritize quality and skilled artistry. You cannot entrust the beauty and cosmetic integrity of your flooring material and floor plan to an inefficient and inexperienced contractor. Homeowners that seek affordability are willing to hire contractors that offer the cheapest rates. That is a terrible mistake to make, and it can end up costing you thousands of dollars in the long-run. 

Mistake #3: Neglecting Research 

When considering new flooring options, it’s important to explore various materials and designs, and visit a tile shop that can provide you with a wealth of inspiration and ideas for your project

Research is an essential tool for whether you’re looking for flooring options or seeking out the right flooring contractor. It is crucial to shop around for multiple estimates to understand market rates, variety, and other considerations. It will help you conduct an in-depth overview of market offerings and make a well-informed buying decision. 

Be sure to shop around for multiple estimates from flooring outlets and contractors so you can choose the best pick. The flooring materials come in all shapes, sizes, and rates, and research will expose you to variety. 

Mistake #4: Neglecting to Interview Contractors 

Are you planning to rely on Yelp reviews or family referrals while hiring a flooring contractor? That will prove to be a terrible mistake leading to a distastefully dissatisfying experience. A contractor who won over your friend or colleague may not succeed at impressing you with his/her work ethic. It is crucial to conduct detailed interviews with all the candidates before selecting your flooring contractor.

What can you ask the professional during this interview? You can ask several questions to ensure if he/she is the right person for the job. For instance, ask the professional about his/her experience, local examples of their work, references, training, and certifications. 

Be sure to examine their websites for digital portfolios and investigate their flooring specialties and client reviews. Obtaining an estimate is the most important aspect to compare the estimates given by other candidates. 

Mistake #5: Avoiding Experimentation  

Numerous homeowners don’t realize that flooring installation can be an intensely adventurous and rewarding project. They regard flooring as an essential requirement rather than a powerful aesthetic weapon to enhance and rejuvenate the house’s appeal. Avoiding experimenting with fun patterns, rich textures, and innovative materials is a crucial mistake. 

To get new flooring allows you to reinvent your surroundings and transform the aesthetic beauty of your home. It also provides versatility and functionality, making cleaning and home maintenance more manageable and simpler. Flooring is a great outlet to channel your inner artist and exhibit your personality through home décor. 

Sticking to essential, tried-and-tested textures may seem pragmatic, but it won’t help rejuvenate and invigorate your surroundings. Experimentation is crucial to help you up the ante and add that creative factor to make you rejoice with glee. If you want to give the finished result an incredible flair, be sure to shop around for variety. 

It is crucial to take bold risks and explore patterns and textures you’ve never seen before. You can conduct both online and offline research to explore various designs to find the perfect pick. 

Mistake #6: Focusing too much on Trends 

Exploring floorings trends is a great idea to inspire yourself and discover the styles that appeal to you the most. However, being overly focused on trends can mislead you drastically. You see, what looks good in a glossy magazine may not look so appealing on your floor. 

When it comes to flooring, you need to consider aspects like color combinations, traffic, functionality, climate, and cleaning. Numerous considerations will impact the quality and condition of your floor. If you find an appealing trend in a glossy home décor magazine, ask yourself, is it functional for my home? 

Can this particular design endure the wild, stomping feet of my children? Can I put in the effort required to clean and maintain this specific flooring material and texture? More importantly, can I afford this particular investment? 

Trends are fleeting, while it is a long-lasting investment that will be a fixture for several years. It is crucial to take inspiration from trends but avoid basing your decision entirely on these fleeting styles. 


Avoiding these mistakes will help you plan a functional, versatile, and superior quality floor installation. We strongly urge you to avoid walking down the DIY lane and prioritize research and quality while hiring professionals. Be sure to buy your floor materials and textures with great care and consideration to functionality, versatility, and other elements.


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