Georgia College Student Breaks Quarantine Rules and Gets Jailed

georgia college student arrested for breaking quarantine rules

The  Cayman Compass said that a Georgia college student named Skyler Mack broke Coronavirus protocol in Cayman. Authorities detained her and sent her to jail on December 15. Her family made an appeal requesting a reduction of her jail sentence. Now she is going to serve two months in jail rather than four months.

Georgia college student Skyler Mack broke Quarantine protocols of the Cayman Islands

Skyler Mack is eighteen years old, studying pre-medical at Mercer University. She was in Cayman to meet her 24-year-old boyfriend. Her boyfriend, Vanjae Ramgeet, is a native of the Cayman Islands. Skyler Mack should have spent the two weeks isolated according to Cayman rules.

The pre-med student had gone to enjoy a water sport on November 29. She took out her tracking gadget while doing so. Police arrested her due to a breach of quarantine regulations when she was enjoying water sport.

Fine of $4,400 and 40 community service to Georgia college student Skyler Mack

Court has ordered the young couple to meet the fine of $4,400. They also have to spend 40 hours doing community service. The processors urged for more stickered punishment for them. It results in 4 months of jail.

Skyler Mack’s attorney argued that the first judgment of fine and community is within the appropriate boundaries for the couple. Then the jail sentence for them came down to two months, as the Cayman Compass reported.

Grandmother called out to the White House to reduce punishment for Skyler

Jeanne Mack, Skyler’s grandmother, called out to the White House to help her granddaughter. She wanted to do everything she could for her release.

She said that Skyler Mack was in shock and devastation. The fear is making her extremely anxious. Her health is not keeping well. There is nothing she could eat as whenever she has something, she feels uneasy. She can’t even sleep.

The statement authority refused to interfere in Cayman private regulations

The State authority refused to interfere in this deletion judgment. They said that they know about the detention, but privacy issues are not letting them comment. However, there is a citizen of the US at stake, but they have nothing to do.

The Cayman Compass reported on December 17 that the court accused Skyler Mack and her boyfriend Ramgeet’s behavior as arrogant and irresponsible.

Jeanne Mack requested to have mercy on her granddaughter. She realizes that Skyler had done wrong things. But she appeals for less harsh judgment on her.

She added that she did not want her granddaughter’s case to be an exception but the reverse.


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