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If you happen to be a gamer, you probably know the importance of having one of the best characters. Characters and their unique ability are great as they help you ensure you will win in any match. A Hearthstone deck is a collection of cards games like terraria that entail some power or skill you will use during gameplay.

You are the one in charge of assembling these cards before the match starts. These cards can be modified to your liking, which is one of the best things I love about these decks. The good thing about decks is the wide range of possibilities that it presents at your disposal. Firstly, you can create a conducive winning condition, which is fantastic.

They help you a lot when it comes to leveraging the score and ensuring that you keep a high score, which is one of the main things you want when playing games. In this article, we will highlight some of the best hearthstone meta decks which you can create one of the powerful characters and probably see a win. For those looking for one of the best performances and those who want to seem unpredictable, this is the hearthstone meta-decks you will need to get.


The first hearthstone meta deck that you will love is the highlander hunter, and this has been one of the strongest decks. The deck entails some of the best builds, which is excellent, which can help you get several wins, which is fantastic. This is one of the most flexible decks that you can get, and it does everything well, which is brilliant. As we did state, these are decks that allow you to maintain your chances of winning, which is what you want.

With this top-tier hearthstone meta deck, you will put a lot of pressure on your opponent and probably see a win. The card entails a Zephyrs, which is probably one of the best cards that you can get in the deck, which is excellent. The card is brilliant, and it can give you whatever you want at any time, which is fantastic. There is also a Brann card, which is excellent and very high-tempo and can guarantee you some wins. This is one deck that can help you work out a lot, and if you happen to have some mid-range playstyles that depend on power, then there are chances of finishing your opponent easily.


If you remember Bloodsworn Mercenary in Enrage Warrior, then you know how awesome this deck was back then. The thing that happened is the Bloodsworn Mercenary did lose some power, but this is one of the best decks that you can have by your side at all costs. Enrage Warrior is among the best hearthstone meta decks that you can get, and it was even strong due to the popularity of Demon Hunter. This hearthstone meta deck does not have fantastic matchups, but it will work just fine in giving you a win.

If you happen to put a good build in your deck, there is a high chance that your game will pick easily at the start of the game, which can give you the best head start. The Teron Gorefiend with an Egg build combo can give you one of the most insane powers which can easily take out your opponent. With a new build, you have Grommash Hellscream finisher, which is brilliant and works lots of great magic. However, this can be different as some older builds have different finishers like Captain Greenskin or even Mad Aspect.

With these cards’ things can be excellent, and winning can be so easy, which is brilliant, and your opponent can have a hard time playing with you. Those wondering if the playstyle has changed with the new build, the answer is no. The playstyle is pretty much the same, which is great. This is one of the hearthstone meta decks that offers you the ability to create some of the most powerful states and even gather lots of armor. The main strength of this build is the finisher, which can be very massive when combined that is Inner Rage and Bloodsworn Mercenary.


One other impressive build that you will love is Quest Warlock, and the reason for having this hearthstone meta deck on this list is the crazy cards it entails. This is one deck that is pretty new to the games, and it can offer you some of the best pressure and even great power, which is brilliant. There are so many great cards in this deck that you can combine and get some insane powers. Sense Demons+Aranasi Bloodmother can be a very useful combo and offer you some of the great deal that you cannot get with other cards. Plot Twist works perfectly well with Bloodmother when combined, which is brilliant.

This combo makes the deck surprisingly great against Aggro, which is fantastic. Any might have known how Aggro played the weakness in the Warlock builds, but now things seem to be sorted out. There is Malygos, which can be a great finisher as it works perfectly fine. This will give you wins most of the time when you hit it with your Hero Power. This is one of the hearthstone meta decks that i highly recommend in the list, and it’s one of the most interesting decks to have. The deck’s power cannot be gauged easily, but I guarantee you this is one deck to have on your list.


Most of you know Pure Paladin, and this is one of those decks that was first used in Descent of Dragons. As most of you know, this deck did not work that well back then, but that is not the case today. This deck had some pretty hard time catching up with several packages being released bunt; they all fail.

But the one fact is the Pure Paladin is one deck that is such fun playing with it, and it will offer you some cards that you will like. If you have played the classic Midrange build, this is what this deck feels like when you play it. This deck playstyle is similar in that you want to put pressure, drop solid minions, and even play on a curve which can guarantee you a win. If you also happen to know Lady Liadrin card, you know the cool plays that you can play with it, which is great. There are light forward using cards, which can be great if used well.

The Libram package is great, but it can often start at a slow note, which means it is weak at the start, but as the game goes by, it gets stronger. This hearthstone meta deck is great, and most may argue that it’s only for Paladin fans, but the truth is this is a great deck to have. If you happen to play with it, you will note how cool it’s, and if they happen to add some world-class cards, then there are high chances this will be an excellent hearthstone meta card to have. 


Face Hunter is another cool hearthstone deck that it is one of the foundations of many hearthstones that have come to appear. This is one deck games like terraria that you need to have, and it offers you one of the best cards in the game that you can find. The reason I love this deck is its main goal of ensuring that it burns down the opponent’s health from about 30 to 0 quickly without them knowing how.

This deck is one that executes lots of game plans swiftly with the minions, which can help you cause a lot of damage easily. There are several games like terraria tricks which you can use easily and be able to win big in the game. For example, if you happen to be having a Secret in hand with a Phase Stalker, then there is a chance it pulls a different one before you use the Hero’s power.

There are so many tips and tricks that you can use with Face Hunter, which is fantastic. This will give you some win, and this hearthstone games like terraria is great as changing cards is also smooth and seamless. You should check out this hearthstone meta deck and some of the gameplay style and strategy and see how great it works and how it can easily give you a win.


Deck builders probably know how great this deck is and this deck entails some of the best cards that you can find. One of the best cards that you will find in this hearthstone meta deck is Kael’thas Sunstrider. This is one great card, and it offers the deck builders one of the best possibilities as it entails so many effects to it, which are amazing. Unlike many, the Spell Druid relies mostly on utilizing the weak and strong powers for it to work fine. This is what the Kael’thas effects means, and this can help to knock down the opponent easily.

There is also another second combination which is the Exotic Mountseller that works perfectly well with low-cost spells. The Fungal Fortunes games like terraria offer you one of the best possibilities and can help you solve so many problems, and drawing them early can help you a lot when it comes to surviving. The Wrath card helps you a lot also when it comes to removing Aggro threats which is brilliant, and this will, in turn, guarantee you a win.

The thing I love about this hearthstone meta deck is its simple but yet powerful strategy. The goal is to try to survive the early and mid-game which will, in turn, give you time to draw into your combo pieces. This ability will provide you with big leverage, and at the end, you will be able to use your ability to the max and win over your opponent.


One of the legendary builds that you can get is Galakrond Secret Rouge which is excellent because of the great cards it entails. This is one of the best hearthstones meta decks that you can get, and I can assure you this is a solid choice to have. This build can offer you a quite good win-rate, and for many, this has been the strongest decks for a long time.

The gameplay of Galakrond is pretty exciting, and the good thing I love about it is the aggressive strategy that it entails. When you start playing the game, you will note that the game is pretty slow at the start but games like terraria soon as it advances it can be hard to stop. But the great thing I love about it is if you happen to have the Secretkeeper opener and a perfect curve then there is a chance that you will be able to have a smooth game on the first rounds and this can give you a significant chance of winning.

It’s essential to have the goal of gaining Galakrond Invokes and get about 4 as soon as possible, and this can be amazing. This you have to do it while the game is still slow at the first strikes.

Most times, you will note that you will win a lot if you happen to be playing by the curve. Putting Lackeys in the game can be so awesome, and you will be able to see things staring to get in line. This is an exciting hearthstone meta deck games like terraria to have in your gameplay, and it can greatly impact most of your plays which is what you want.


To conclude, we have listed some of the best hearthstone meta decks that you can get. We have seen some of their playstyles games like terraria which you can take into an advantage and analyze if the deck has cards which can work in your favor. With these hearthstone meta decks, you can find the right one for you and end up having the best win rate ever.


What is the best hearthstone deck right now?

Many will argue that the Tempo Demon hunter deck is one of the best deck to have as it offers some of the powerful cards ever.

Who is the best hero in hearthstone?

The Priest is arguably one of the best and the strongest heros that you can find in this game.


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