Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 3 Trailer_ Biggest battle of television history

Watch Game of Thrones Season 8

As every fan of the game of Thrones knows, HBO has aired first two episodes of season eight. Here the official trailer of GOT 8 episode three has aired.

When can you see GOT8 episode three

HBO will release most anticipated season game of thrones season eight episode 3 on coming Sunday 28th April. After airing on HBO and Sky, you will be able to see chapter three of season eight on NOW TV as well as on other HBO streaming services.

Well HBO will display on the screen at 9 pm in the United States, and For The UK fans, Sky Atlantic will air the episode three at 2 am.

Moreover, UK fans also catch the third episode on Monday at 9 pm.

A big battle of television history in third part of Game of Thrones season 8

Well, there are no spoilers about the game of thrones season 8 episode 3. However, we are expecting that Night Kind will get ever close and fans are ready to see the final and big battle.

Night King actor revealed in an interview battle would happen in season eight.
Moreover, in another interview, the big battle news was revealed in the third part of last season.

The third episode will all about the battle. We are expecting the third episode will be a blockbuster episode of upcoming Sunday.
Night king who also co-ordinates of the series said, ” Part of our challenges and Miguel’s challenge that how to keep compel.

Stay Tuned with us, and We will update you about the more latest news of your favorite season Game of Thrones.


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