September 24, 2018

Full-size 7-feet tall Live Christmas Trees will be offered by Amazon

Christmas Tree

Amazon has been considered a place for hassle-free gift shopping for major events and festive decorations. Now, people will be able to get one more attractive item for your home on Christmas “a full-size Christmas tree”. Amazon will start selling full-size trees at the beginning of November.

The Associated Press also reported that orders will be shipped to the customers within 10 days of cutting trees. Customers will also be able to get varieties such as Douglas firs, Frasier firs, and Norfolk Island pines, including some with Prime free shipping. Last year, Amazon sold small size trees (less than 3-feet tall) and merchants sold full-size trees. It is the first time Amazon is selling full-size (7-feet tall) Christmas trees.

full size live christmas Tree

The AP has indicated that customers will pay $115 for a 7-feet Fraser fir. Customers will also be able to select a delivery date according to their convenience. People would like to get their own Christmas tree at their home without selecting a live tree and shifting it home. There are still a number of reasons why most people will prefer their own tree at home without trouble and efforts. Your own selection initiates some quality control features.

7 feet tall Christmas trees

The Associated Press reported that the National Christmas Tree Association informed that last year just 2 to 3 percent from the millions of live Christmas trees were sold online. Now, Amazon has planned to sell full-size (7-feet tall) fresh Christmas trees. Amazon will start the online sale at the beginning of November, but will also offer pre-orders.

Last year, Amazon sold Christmas trees less than 3-feet tall, but it is the first time Amazon is offering 7-feet tall Christmas trees. The North Carolina farm’s 7-feet Fraser fir will be sold at $115, and wreath at $50. It is interesting that picking out a tree and transporting it home has always been considered the fun for families.

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Trish Irwin

Trish Irwin has lived in Lancaster her whole life.  Trish has worked as a journalist for nearly a decade having contributed to several large publications including the Yahoo News and the Lancaster Post.  As a journalist for US Updates, Cristina covers national and international developments.

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Written by Trish Irwin

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