Frozen 2 Release Date and Cast, The Best Disney Movie

the new sequel Frozen 2 is going to release on 22nd November 2019. An exciting Disney movie that has a snow queen with strong powers.

Frozen 2

Before explaining the “Frozen 2” let me tell you something about the previous part “Frozen”. It is such a good and classic Disney movie.  This movie is original and based on Hans Christian Anderson’s story which is beautiful about a snow queen living in fear over her powers.

And her sister, Anna and her close friends have to go and bring back summer.  This movie is beautiful and has great characters. Yes, it’s really high grossing and overrated. But it’s original and the characters are highly detailed with beautiful designs.

Now the “Frozen 2” is coming out by the Disney in Hollywood cinemas. The fans of Elsa and Anna are very excited to know about the upcoming part of the movies.

The directors Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck will bring back the sequel part of this awesome Disney movie. The first part was released in the year 2013.

And this upcoming “Frozen 2” will release on 22nd November 2019. This confirmation happened a third time in Disney that a sequel movie is coming out in cinemas. Disney always hesitates to make a sequel part of the movies. But the exciting budget of $1.2 billion of the “Frozen” movies force the producer to give another part.

Therefore, after six years Disney is going to give a new to Elsa with a new set up at the end of the current year. And they hope that it will break the record of the previous part.

I recommend you go and must watch, it will be a hit of 2019.


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