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Watch movies online without downloading is the solution of quick entertainment. It has been possible with advanced streaming technology. Thus, movie streaming sites are a great gift for movie lovers and also crazy people.

A technology of streaming has thus solved the problem of watching free movies online without downloading and wasting time.

Hence You just need to open a website and click on your favorite movie. Therefore in the given list, almost all sites provide free top movies and also world top films. Hollywood, Bollywood free movies and also the top world films.

Now movie lovers can also watch free movies online on mobile phones.

Free movie apps for mobile phone users!

Free movies sites with streaming features are better than movie downloading websites because they use all advanced features.

 best torrent sites for torrent movie download top 45+ sites list.


Horror movie sites to watch free horror movies online now!

Furthermore, all given sites are legal, safe and also secure. Enjoy in your own time or holiday.

Another great benefit of watching movies and TV shows online is, if you dislike any watching movie, you can immediately change it and select another one.

Thus movie websites are an awesome source of entertainment.

Watch movies online without downloading – Top 45+ free movies sites

Hence I have made all top best free movie sites list for movie lovers. Thus, you can watch movies online instantly.

1.  Syfy

Syfy is the UK, USA, America, Germany, Latin and also Spain famous movie streaming website. Here you can watch free movies online and TV shows. It has a lovely and simple interface for movie lovers. It is a US-based site for all US movies and TV shows. Here children can play games and can also watch favorite programs.

This site supports all the main apps and devices including mobile as well as tablets. US people can enjoy this free site. This website is also a famous one among best free movie sites.

Hence it is movie lovers most wanted free movies sites for online free movies without downloading

2. Primewire 

This site is also an ideal platform for movie lovers. They can watch free movies and also TV shows. Furthermore, people interested in free online movies, TV shows comedy, documentary, drama and much more, this site is great for them. Furthermore, this website has an advanced search toolbar for all searching for free films, movies and also TV shows etc.

Direct link:

3. Hulu 

Given The website is also included in the list of best free movie streaming sites. You can watch free TV shows as well as movies. This site gives free trial only for one month. Furthermore, Hulu has a feature of web syndication for various websites including top social medias MySpace, Facebook, and Yahoo etc.

Visit direct Hulu Link

4. Netflix 

This site is also a good online free movies website. This site has a very large platform and millions of users from all over the world stream online movies freely. You can also watch your favorite free streaming movies and shows according to your choice. Furthermore, Netflix is considered a famous movie site among watch movies online without downloading sites.

Direct link:

5.  Watch movies online free HD quality without downloading

It is also a famous website for watching online free movies. Here you can also watch TV shows and dramas as well. You can also log in with your Facebook account ID to watch movies. Furthermore, TV Muse website has also short descriptions for TV shows and movies etc. you can get an idea for any type of movies and shows from the given description Watch now.

This site has most of all important features like other movie streaming sites. 35 Top free movies sites for watching online free movies without downloading

6. Movietube 

This site has a legal IMT platform for watching free movies online. It has also instant movie streaming feature for streaming online. Movie lovers can enjoy several updating movies features because admin regularly updates site. You can also write opinions and reviews on any type of movie. Therefore you can watch movies online and vote to favorite movies.

Furthermore, This is a secure and legal website for movie lovers from all over the world. Therefore you can also enjoy your favorite free movie with super-fast online streaming.

This website is too belongs to the list of free online movie streaming sites.

Direct Link:

7. Amazon

Amazon is also included in the list of top online movie streaming websites. This site gives only 30 days free trial to all new sign up members. Thus you can watch free movies as well as TV shows for one month. After one month you can purchase a paid membership.

Amazon is the best collection place for award-winning movies as well as TV shows.

It is also considered a great movies sites list at very low cost.

8. Free movie streaming

Fmovie is also an ideal place for movie lovers. They can enjoy fast online movie streaming. This site has a modern design and features. You can watch free movies online with high-quality performance. This site is ads and advertisement free. You can free of cost download movies.

F-movie is also included in fast and safe movie streaming sites list. Fmovie admin is very cooperative. Due to admin co-operation, people can send requests for any of their favorite movies and shows.

You and your family can also fully enjoy its new features.

Direct link:

9. Viewster

Veiwster is a free movie streaming website. This site offers a large collection of movies, anime, classic, web shorts etc. People can watch online free movies all over the world with the support of advertising interface. Facebook, twitter, Utube, google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn are social support network of this site.

Viewster is included in the best free movies sites list to watch movies online instantly. This is a mobile and other devices supported platform.

Top legal and safe movies sites to watch movies online without downloading.

Direct link:

10. free online movies

Vkflix is also an excellent free movie streaming site. Here you can watch films and videos high-quality streaming links. Most of the links are provided from VK social network. It has user-friendly features and interface. People can watch free movies online through laptops, desktop, iPhone, tablet etc.

Direct link:

11.  LOS

Losmovies is too included in best free movies sites. This is an ideal place to watch movies online. This site has top movie list, movies, genres, TVshows, actors, popular, latest, HD movies, 3D movies, new releases leading features. Twitter, facebook and google+ are social networks of this site.

12. Pulockercool

Given site is also a good online free movie watching website. It has a high search engine for searching movies and tv shows of your choice.

You can like or dislike the given movies.

This site has been entered in the list of fast growing free movie streaming websites. Twitter, Pinterest, google, and Facebook are its social support networks. All three putlockers websites are good for watching free US movies.

Direct link:

13. Watch new movies

Watch new movies is an excellent for movie lovers to watch movies online without downloading. They can watch new release movie, popular movies and free movies of years 2014, 2015, 2016. This website has no server to store data of movies. All data is provided by other non-affiliated service provider parties. This site is a popular one among new free movie streaming sites.

Direct link:

14. Watch free movies online

Tinklepad is an online free movie streaming website as well as a search engine. It doesn’t host and upload videos or movies. It contains third party links for movies. Main features of this site are free movies, TV shows latest HD, new releases and adds movies.

Direct link:

15. Vumoo

Vumoo has a great collection of top movies and new movies. This site is also included in the list of free movies streaming sites. You can watch free movies as well as TV shows without registration and with registration. Its interface is simple and beautiful.

People can search their favorite movies and TV shows with their names as well as the name of actors. HD TV Shows.

Direct link:

16. Youtube free movies online without downloading

This is first oldest free movies and free videos site from all over the world. Steve Chen, Javed Kareem and Chad Hurley is the founder of this online video watching site. They have found it in 2005. This site is also considered a huge platform for reliable and safe free online movies.

You can watch every type of online films and movies.  Thus this site is also listed in free online movie streaming websites.

Therefore people can watch movies without downloading. 

17. Watch movies online now

Alluc is also considered a well-known one in the list of movie streaming sites. It has big as well as an advanced search bar. Therefore You can search all type of free movies online. Furthermore, here you can also watch TV shows and movies without downloading or signing up.

18. Crackle

Crackle is also a top moving streaming site as well as multiple entertainment platforms. It is a wonderful place for watching free movies due to its advanced, user-friendly interface. Watch movies online without downloading. You can too use the Facebook account for registration. Its interface is user-friendly.

Direct link:

19. Site to watch free movies without downloading

Wolowtube is an advanced search engine for providing online free movie streaming website links. It provides high-quality HD streaming. It has more than 30 thousand movies titles, and you can watch more than one movie streaming at a time.

Direct link:

20. watch movies online without downloading or paying

You can watch free movies online with the help of this site. Filmclub is available in 23 different languages. This site has top videos, new videos, and movies main features. Twitter and Facebook are main social support networks of this site.

Direct link:

21. New movies online

This site is an ideal among new online free movie streaming sites. This movies site contains most of the movies of 2014 onward 2016 years movies. All the movies are categories by years as well as features action, comedy, romance, mystery, drama, popular movies, new releases and much more.

This online movie website doesn’t have their database to store movies online.

It has only links features to watch movies online.

Direct link:

22. Putlockers 2 movies

Putlockers2 is a wonderful place for watching free online movies. People can watch free movies without sign up and registration. This website gives sources links for online streaming movies etc. You can easily find new movies from this site because the admin of this site regularly updates their data collection. This site is also listed in good free movies sites.

Direct link:

23. Putlockers movie 2016

Putlockers0 is an awesome platform for watching free movie online. People found of watching latest favorite online free movies must visit this site. It is an excellent place for watching action movies. This site is ads free online movie streaming platform. You can watch all the movies without registration and sign up.

People can enjoy free streaming movies facility on PC, tablet and also on mobiles.

24. Mogomovies online

Mogo is a well categorized free movies site. You can watch all type of online streaming movies. This site also has multiple features like all movies, action, adventure, animation, comedy, biography, documentary, drama, family, horror etc.

25. Coolmoviezone free download

Coolmoviezone is a zone free to watch movies online. It is a free online movie streaming site as well as you can to download movies. It provides an external link as well as source link for watching movies online. Bollywood movies, all movies, upcoming new Punjabi movies, browse by years are its main features. This is a cool place for watching our movies. Facebook and Twitter are its social networks. You can also vote your favorite movies here. This site contains all third party links.

26. Zmovie

Zmovie is an online free movie streaming website. It is a legal site and containing the links to non-affiliated sources. It has multiple features including watch movies; watch TVshows, new releases, recently added and coming soon. You can rate your favorite movies here. This is an old and best free online movie website among free movie streaming sites.

27. Housemovie

Housemovie is an ideal house of world free movies, TV shows, and US movies. It has an automated recommendation network for movies. This network has public APIs for giving information about movies and shows. Facebook, Instagram, and Google+ are its social networks. Here all links of free movies are obtained automated from the commenting section.

The entire given watch movies online without downloading sites is world top free movies sites.

28. Just watch

Just watch is an ideal search engine for watching online movies. It is easy and an effective search engine for watch online free movies. Here you can search US famous free movies and TV shows just by clicking on US button.

This site has different countries tags to categorize by continents. You can watch movies on mobile and tablets.

It is a legal and also safe movie streaming search engine.

29. Mooviemaniac

Mooviemaniac is a good site for watching free latest Hollywood movies. You can watch full-length movies without registration or log in and also without downloading. This site has all important features like other online free movies sites.

30. Movie night

Movie night is also included in the free movie streaming sites list. You can stream HD movies, US movies and TV shows for free. Most popular, movies, TV shows and genre (action, adventure, animation, comedy, documentary, and drama) are its main features.

31. Watch movies online free without downloading

This site is new but wonderful for watching free movies online. Mydownloadtube is a site where you can watch streaming movies and can also download them. This is a good place for downloading free games as well.

You can watch Bollywood and also Hollywood latest movies here.

This website is available in seven languages.

32. 123movies

123movies website is best for watching free movies online. This site has movies, top IMDB, TV series, top viewed, most favorite, high rating and also A-Z list features. You can watch free movies country wise and enjoy online streaming movies.
Secure and great movie streaming websites to watch free movies online without downloading

33. Tube

The tube is a site for watching free TV shows and free movies online. You can rate your favorite movies and shows. Visitors can watch trailers before watching the full movie and choose anyone they like. Free US movies lovers can enjoy this site service.

34. Haloamovies

Haloamovies is a wonderful site for streaming movies online for free. Here you can watch latest free movies without registration and signup. You can watch your favorite movies anywhere because it supports almost all devices including mobile, tablets, iPad etc.

This site is also included in excellent free watch movies online websites list.

35. Topmoviesonline

Topmovieonline is also another online free movie streaming site for movie lovers. It has a cinema, A to Z movies, new movies, and TV shows features. This is a new movie site for movie fans. Here you can watch your favorite movies.

Us people can also watch free movies online.

36. Evomovies

Evomovies is also a free movies site. You can watch cinema movies online with the help of Evomovies. This website has very simple and also a quick interface. All movies are categories by years from 2012 to 2016 and upwards.

New movies feature is for all new and upcoming films. They also give instant access to high-quality HD TV shows from third-party sites. This website has a more simple, secure and also straight-forward platform for providing online streaming movies.

People found of watching the best movies can also watch their favorite from this site.

Most famous free movies sites to watch movies online without downloading.

37. Movieflixter

Movieflixter is also among movie streaming sites that provide free online movies in high HD qualities. This website indexes movies links of host’s sites. People don’t need to be registered for watching all type of films and movies.

Most popular, newest, genres are too its main features.

38. Watchmoviesfree

This movie website domain name is telling everything about movies. It is a good place for watching all type of free films, top movies and also all countries movies. All the content and site articles are embedded by different sources.

They don’t host any film or movie on own server.

39. ozomovies

ozomovies is a popular free movie and also free  Hindi movies site. Here people from all over the world can watch their favorite films and movies. The entire given world movies are also categories in years 2011 to 2016 on this site.

Its interface is very simple therefore users have to just click on the given link and can watch what they want to watch.

Ozo-movies website is also included in most modern watch free movies online sites.

40. Movieplus

Movie plus admin loves to plus all type of movies in their database. This site has high-quality HD interface service for its free users. Hence you have to just click and watch the films of your choice. Moreover, this is a fast and also simple interface website.

People who like Hindi movies having action, adventure, comedy, and horror can also enjoy through this site.

41. Popcornflix

Popcornflix is an excellent website for the film lover. People love to watch great movies and full-length free films and also film. This is the right place for all. You can view through most of all devices including mobile, tablets and also iPad etc.

This site is also famous in the list of fast and safe free watch movies online websites.

42. Hdmoviezone

Hdmoviezone is also a good free HD movies website. You can watch online free movies just simply click and watch. Here you can watch all the latest movies of your choice. Given site is also included in free movies sites list.

43. TDF

TDF is also a world-famous documentary site. It was started in 2007 Jan. Now, this site has become an education place for people to come and learn. It has more than three thousand films of documentaries on various categories and topics.

Moreover, It has well feature interface with all documentary categories.

Movie lovers most wanted documentary site to watch free movies online without downloading.

44. IMDB top movies

IMDB is also a famous online movie streaming website. This site has free features and also has some free service for non-commercial users. Users can watch instant free movies due to its immediate view functions. Twitter, Instagram, and also Facebook are its main social networks for online promotion.

Furthermore, you can also watch Hollywood movies trailers and can get one month free us online movie streaming.

45. Classicinemaonline

As from name, it is the best classic movies zone. People and also classic movie lovers can watch movies online of old history. It has movie billboards, serials and also silent films leading services. This website is a unique one for watching old top famous films and also series.

46. Imoviemax

I movie max has all advanced feature that other online free movies sites process. Its most viewed help users to know the most valued and interest films. It is useful for selection of movies because most views movies have strong stories. Thus, users can easily select people most liked current movies.

48. Movie free

Movie free is also a safe and legal website. Here you can watch free movies online without downloading. Moreover, it is good for country wise movies selection. Users have huge selection option because of its big database. In addition, they can also request favorite movies. The website admin regularly updates for news movies and also TV series.

49. Iflix

Quick flix has large numbers of movies and shows for entertainment. It supports multiple devices. This is an Australian online TV service. Here people can watch latest and new movies anywhere. It offers the new user the free trial after this you have to pay monthly. The website has more advanced features than the others online movies watching websites. Therefore it is a quick online source for movie lovers to watch movies online.

Top Russian movies streaming online from Russian sites.

Top Movies OF 2016


Release date: 18th Feb 2016
Movie Director: John Hill coat
Writer: Matt Cook
Producer: Keith Redmon
Country: United States
Language: English
Movie topic: American crime
Main cast: Casey Afleck, Anthony, Chiwetel, Clifton Collin, Aaron, Norman, Michael, Teresa etc.


Released date: 4th March 2016
Writer: John Kare and Harald Roselow
Director: Roar Uthaug
Movie Producer: Are Heiden
Movie topic: storm land-sliding disaster
Language: Norwegian
Country: Norway
Main cast: Kristofer Joner, Thomas Bo Larsen, Fridtjov, Mette Horrn, Ane Dahi Torp, Fritjov Sahem, Jonas Hof, etc.


Released date: 6th May 2016
Directors: Anthony Russo, Joe Russo
Language: English
Country: United States
Movie Producer: Kevin Feige
Topic of movie: Civil War
Main Cast: Chris Evan, Robert, Sebastian, Scarlett, Don Cheadle, Anthony, Jeremy, Paul Bettany, Elizabeth Olsen, Emily VanCamp, Jeremy, Frank Grillo, Tom Holland, etc.

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Writer: Justin Marks
Director: Jon Favreau
Language: English
Country: United States
Released date: 15th April 2016
Movie Producers: Brigham Taylor, Jon Favreau
Topic of movie: American Fantasy Adventure Movie
Main Cast: Ben Kingsley, Bill Murray, Idris Elba, Lupita, Giancarlo, Scarlett, Nell Sethi, Christopher, etc.


Directed by: Whit Stillman
Language: English
Topic of movie: Comedy
Released date: 23rd Jan 2016
Country: France, Ireland, Netherlands
Film Producers: Whit Stillman, Laurane Bourrachot, Katie Holly
Main Cast: Kate Beckinsale, Xavier Samuel, Morfydd Clark, Tom Bennett, Jemma Redgrave, Emma Greenwell, James Fleet, Justin Edwards, Stephen Fry etc.


It is an interesting comedy movie. In the year 2016, the 8th Deadpool movie installment of the X-men comedy series has released. It is a best movie for family entertainment.
Language of movie: English
Movie Topic: Comedy
Deadpool releasing date: Feb 12, 2016
The director of Deadpool: Tim Miller
The main cast of Deadpool: Ryan Reynolds, Ed Skrein, Morena Baccarin, T.J. Miller, Leslie, Stefan, Brianna etc.

Everybody Wants Some

It is also a famous comedy movie. It is a story of an American funny baseball team movie. Therefore it is an ideal movie to watch with your family.
Releasing: 11 March 2016
Film Director and writer: Richard Linklater
Movie Superstars: Zoey Dutch, Blake Jenner, Tyler Hoechln, Wyatt Russell, Glen Powell etc.

All other years top movies you can also watch from the given free watch movies online websites.

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Movie streaming sites benefits

People have multiple advantages of movie streaming sites for watching free movies online without downloading. As a result, movie lovers get high-quality services due to high-quality streaming.

  1. Save your time to drive and also going outside the house.
  2. Change watching movies if you feel it is not attractive.
  3. Free movie sites also save your money.
  4. Another benefit is people can also watch their favorite movies multiple times.
  5. You can also select your and your family choice movies.
  6. In streaming movie sites you have no need of downloading.
  7. People can watch in comfort house due to its online streaming.
  8. You can also “pause” the watching movie and do any work.
  9. Movie lovers thus can select their wish time.
  10. Furthermore, Streaming doesn’t harm your computer and devices.

Finally, this is a modern entertainment and also amusement source for your family or lovers. People, therefore give more preference to streaming featured sites rather than the others.

Hence all new coming streaming sites almost use all advanced features due to compete all competitors. As a result, people from all over the world can watch movies online at anyplace.

Last conclusion for movie lovers

If you download movies over the internet it wastes time and also causes viruses in your computer or laptop. Hence watching movies online has almost all advantages rather than going theaters. People not only get personal entertainment and enjoyment.

They can also share their favorite movies or shows on social media with other friends and lovers. Watch movies online sites have solved the problems of movie lovers due to their advanced features. They can also watch their favorite movies from all over the world without any country restrictions.

Therefore US people can also watch their favorite action movies. In addition, US people can also watch almost all other countries films.

Most of all free streaming sites have finally best online free entertainment source due to latest upgrade services. Furthermore, online streaming is a fantastic technique for watching latest movies free of cost and without any cast. It saves time, money and also energy.

Movie lovers from all over the world can also enjoy various types of cultural movies due to online streaming. People from different countries can watch Bollywood and also Hollywood movies for free of cost.

Furthermore, Now finally this is a modern way to watch free movies online with the help of movie streaming websites.

Here most of the websites provide both movies as well as TV shows online streaming facility.

Most of the people have binge-watching habits. They like the pairing of TV shows and the movies. So, I considered the demand of people in this listing.

All above 45+ most popular free movies sites are best to watch movies online without downloading.

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