Fortnite: Top 3 Guns of all time

Fortnite: Top 3 Guns of all time

Beyond doubts, Fortnite is one of the most popular third-person shooters and ranks at the top of the list of Battle Royale games. With more than 79 million active users currently, Fortnite has an enormous player base. And just like any other shooting games, Fortnite has its own exquisite selection of guns in Fortnite you can play with. While the choice of guns in Fortnite is subjective to the player, we can certainly rank them on the basis of their effectiveness, general availability and average reviews. 

#. Tactical Shotgun

Although due to its low range, low fire speed and low magazine capacity not to mention the frequency or rage of fire, shotgun do not hold much of a significance in most other games, the Tactical Shotgun is an absolute must for anyone’s inventory in Fortnite.  

It is extremely overpowered in close-range duels, so much so that it’s almost indispensable. What makes it better is that it’s very easily available being fairly abundant across the map.

The Tactical Shotgun trades damage for a high fire rate and strong up front damage. So if you are up close against someone, spamming that trigger becomes all so more fruitful.

#. Bolt Action Sniper Rifles

In case you want to shoot targets at range, the bolt action sniper rifle really pays off. With some practice at  aiming which involves taking the bullet drop into account one could easily land a headshot with a sniper rifle and eliminate their opponent in an instant

The real use of Snipers comes on in the later stages of the match when the need to hold a fixed position becomes important. An assault rifle paired up with a sniper rifle is the inventory of choice for several Fortnite players. 

#. Scar

It is often regarded as the strongest weapon in the game at the moment. It is effective in just about any situation and is favoured by players for it’s  amazing accuracy, overpowered damage. But what makes Scar a jack of all tales is that it’s effective at all ranges. It’s a well balanced gun, with all bases covered, dependability being the foremost. 

But SCAR is only dropped as an Epic or Legendary. Therefore if you want to get one, the best chance is by seeking out loot chests or aggressing on enemies.


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