“Flash of Lightning” Revealed to be Episode 2 of Flash Season 6

The Flash Season 6

Tom Cavanagh’s Recent Post on Facebook Revealed that Episode 2 of Flash Season 6 will be Titled as “Flash of Lightning”! So Here We Get the Story of Upcoming Episode(s), Have a Look Down to Explore!

Flash is an American Superhero TV Series focuses on the life of a Superhero Flash. Flash, a DC character named Barry Allen happened to become a superhero possessing superhuman speed powers. (http://armstrongpharmacy.com)

Till now we have got 5 seasons of the superhero series. However, Season 6 is about to commence its journey. Until the beginning of season 6, the series has focused on Flash’s heroic deeds to save the multi-universe from immense threats along with other superheroes.

Now, the fans are eager to know what Season 6 is going to bring for them. So, we have brought some sneak peek about the Flash Season 6.

The Reverse Flash character, Tom Cavanagh posted an image on Facebook revealing the title name of Episode 2 of Flash Season 6. 

As per Tom’s facebook update, Flash Season 6 Episode 2 will be titled “A Flash of Lightning”. Thus, the title reveals a lot about the upcoming story of the series as it is taken from the comic book of Flash. Hence, it hints toward the idea that the makers will represent the story as it has been depicted in the comic book.

What is Going to Happen in Season 6?

As per the comic book version, in the starting episodes of Season 6, fans will witness the scenario set in the 30th century. Consequently, the fans will witness the death of Supergirl while saving the people as all the universes will tend to intersect each other.

The upcoming events will intensify the fans as Brainiac with the help of Flash will try to set the dis-oriented universes back on their positions.

To know how Flash will help out to save the world from this immense danger, Don’t forget to watch Flash Season 6.

Stay tuned for more updates!


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