Five reasons to use Slack to grow your business


Successful business development is a complex and time-consuming process. It requires knowledge, resources, and desire. Any leader faces various difficulties and challenges on the way to success. The result of the activity depends on how quickly and effectively he copes with them.

Fortunately, today’s enterprise platforms help solve a lot of problems. I’m talking about organizing/optimizing teamwork and automating workflows. The main thing is to be able to use the tools taking into account the specifics of your business.

The market offers hundreds of offers. Each application has pros and cons. You can try each of them to evaluate and draw conclusions or do otherwise. Use the most popular corporate tools. They have already proven their effectiveness and convenience. Slack is one such app with a great reputation and millions of active users. Let’s look at what advantages distinguish the platform from competitors.

Unlimited opportunities for communication

Slack is one of the most popular corporate messengers. The application has earned the love of millions of users for a reason. The business application gives everything you need to communicate and transfer information and documents between team members. The platform has a convenient structure of chats, which are called channels here. Communication is divided into channels, and channels into separate branches. The user configures channels and branches.

Create private and public channels, flag important messages, add labels and tags, use emojis, and more. In addition, each employee can customize the design of the chat, taking into account wishes.

Work with chats, search and highlight messages, and forward and edit previously sent texts. Slack will fulfill any requirement above. For convenience, the service allows you to create the required number of rooms by subject. Would you like to discuss a new logo with designers? Collect them in a separate channel and go for it! Create discussions and share new ideas, change your status, and more.

Thanks to the reaction system, you can easily conduct surveys within the channels. Ask a question with multiple answers. Attach an emoji to each option, and then immediately add each emoji to the post as a reaction. Your employees can now click on any reaction to vote and Slack will show you the result of the vote.

Efficient document flow

Effective teamwork is always about working with files and documents, and not just discussing ideas and tasks. Slack contains all the necessary editing tools, thanks to which team members can edit and contribute data at the same time. You can see who made what changes, which helps to avoid mistakes and make timely adjustments if necessary. This approach helps developers create code faster and more efficiently, and so on.

Integration with third-party applications

One of the most important advantages that makes Slack stand out from the competition. Why is it so important? Integration with third-party applications allows you to expand the standard set of functions. You can easily turn the messenger into a corporate task manager. In fact, you can collect everything you need in a single workspace to communicate and work with employees, partners, and customers.

Think about what applications you need for your project. There are over 2300 integrations on the Slack app directory. Install everything you need for free, set up, and work! Do you lack the opportunity to communicate with partners and clients? Install one of the available VoIP services to use the features of your business phone. Use Slack SMS to set up meetings, organize mass mailings with offers, send voice messages, collect user feedback, process customer bases, etc. The scope is limited only by your requirements and imagination.

It is important to emphasize that when you install integrations, you need to tune and optimize them. It won’t take much time, but you’ll get an effective corporate tool. Work productively, taking into account all the nuances of your business. What else is needed for successful work and promotion?


The ability to work anywhere and anytime is a requirement for enterprise platforms. Slack fully complies with this rule. The messenger is adapted to work on all devices and systems. Slack is available for PC, laptops, smartphones, and tablets. The corporate messenger is available on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. You won’t miss an important message. Always stay in touch with your team members.


The developers once started the project as a small startup. Therefore, they perfectly understand what a lack of resources is in the early stages of the development of young startups. Slack offers a unique pricing policy. It makes the platform accessible even for small IT teams. The corporate messenger has 4 tariff plans:

  • Free. An excellent solution on the market for start-up projects and small IT teams. The tariff offers all the functionality with a few restrictions. Users can integrate with no more than 10 applications. You can store no more than 10 thousand messages. The free version will allow you to test the product and start teamwork. If necessary, you can always upgrade to more advanced paid versions of the application
  • Pro. A more advanced plan than the free version. Group calls of up to 15 people and an unlimited number of integrations become available to the user
  • Business+. Version for confident and growing businesses with a fixed profit. Now you have access to round-the-clock user support, synchronization with cloud services, etc.
  • Enterprise Grid. The tariff plan offers the ultimate set of tools. The version is suitable for large companies. Enjoy personalized support, enterprise-grade security, and 500,000 user support

We’ve only covered the main benefits of Slack for your business. Try Slack if you want to develop and promote your project, work effectively in a team and solve problems of varying difficulty. It is one of the most powerful enterprise tools on the market with millions of active users from all over the world. This speaks better than any advertisement about the effectiveness of the platform. Grow and earn with Slack!


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