Fear the Walking Dead Season 5: Spoilers about Dead Cast and Other Details

The Walking Dead

Fear the Walking Dead season 5 is on the way and always surprise its fans by mysteriously. Daniel Salazar was one of the favorite cast of fear the walking dead. So there is big news about the dead cast. Let’s talk about it.

Is Daniel Salazar coming back in Fear the Walking Dead Season 5

As you know, we have not been seen Daniel Salazar since season 3. We saw him from the exploded dam’s edge on the series. Things were worse for him and went downhill there. After that, Victor Strand shot him.

According to fans, that is saying Daniel will be back in the upcoming season. He is also struggling for this. The trailer of the season also shows some glimpse of it.

What Showrunner is saying about the return of Daniel in season 5

The expression of Show runner on Daniel’s Return in Fear the Walking Dead Season 5. As you know, the release date is near, and everyone is talking about the shocking return of Daniel. Andrew Chambliss, show runner of the show said, ” there is a very interesting thing and more excited when we’ll find those characters who was in season three.”

What will happen between Daniel and Victor?

Daniel and Victor Strand have a very explicit relationship. Victor has come a long way since the murder of Daniel. However, he is trying to become a better person from the last two seasons. But, here the question is that Daniel will listen to him or nor and will he take revenge from him.?
Well, in this upcoming season, we will see our favorite characters with endless terror and torment. Just wait till 2 June when the first episode of the fear the walking dead season 5 will air on screen.


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