You will comment here as foolish, unreasonable and ridiculous if I ask you to imagine Scarlett Johansson vanished a day after she was walked on a red carpet in New York City.

But it has happened in China in reality. Fan Bingbing, who has played a role in Hollywood superhero blockbusters X-Men: Days of Future Past and “Iron Man”, has vanished without a trace. It is believed that has been sent to jail for tax evasion.

Fan is one of the country’s most famous actresses. She is more famous than noodles in China. Time Magazine entitled her China’s “most famous actress” in 2015. She frequently goes to walk on the red carpet, fashion shows and movie premieres.

The fifth highest paid actress in the world has millions of her fans on social media who have serious concern about their favorite celebrity.

Since early June, Fan Bingbing has not been seen publicly, according to the reports. She is also absent from social media from 23 July.

Chinese media is avoiding to comment on disappearance of Fan but there are some online sources who claim that it ‘can be due to her tax-avoidance issues.’

On September 6, state media Securities Daily posted an article. It was quoted in the publication that Fan had been brought “under control and about to receive legal judgment.” The article was later deleted.

Another Chinese newspaper reported on July 28 that China’s highest-paid and most bankable star ‘had been banned from leaving the country.’ The report was also drawn back later.

Her name was suddenly and unexpectedly was removed from the Chinese production posters. Known in English as “Unbreakable Spirit,” the wartime drama , starring Bruce Willis, is about the ‘Bombing of Chongqing’ from 1938 to 1943.

Her last post on Weibo was about her visit to a children’s hospital in Tibet. Weibo account of Fan has been inactive since July 23. There is no any confirmation of her rep or government official that she is under investigation or has been charged with any crime.