Family Reunion is Returning Back in This December With Season 2!

Netflix Renews ‘Family Reunion’ For Season 2, Scheduled To Premiere This December

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McKellan’s family is coming back again on Netflix with the second season of the series. As they are going to reveal more entertainment and more family get-together. The giant for releasing shows Netflix finally announced that the series will renew the story of the show for the second season. And “Family Reunion Season 2 has 16 episodes this time.

It is tweeted on the social media that the series is going to renew for another family season. However, it will air on some holiday events sometime in December.

Whereas, the story of “Family Reunion revolves around McKellen who is moving to Georgia after shifting from Seattle. As trying to reunite the scattered family members. But all he did is just like a fish who is out of water.

However, in the show, Tia Mowry will play the role of Cocoa McKellan who is a mother. She is traveling from one place to another just to get closer to her family. Moreover, M’Dear and Alabi will perform as the husband of Coca McKellen. And the family of Coca’s children includes:

  • A 12 years old Russel Balley
  • 14 years old Jade
  • 10 years old Mazzi
  • 8 years old Ami.

The further cast of the show may have Tia Mowry-Hardrict, Loretta Devine, Talia Jackson, Anthony Alabi, Isaiah Russell-Bailey, Jordyn Raya James and Cameron J. Wright performing in season 2.

Fans are anxiously waiting for the second season of the series. And they could not wait for more to watch. But the “Family Reunion” release requires a little wait for a few months. As it will air out in the last of 2019. And you will stream online all the episodes of season 1 in January 2020.


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