Family Child Care vs. Child Care: Which is better for your Child?

Family Child Care vs. Child Care

Nowadays, the need to leave their childs at a daycare center is increasing with both parents working. Due to this, many types of daycare centers are emerging to cater to the parents’ specific needs, such as childcare centers and home-based daycare (family childcare) centers.

If you are confused about, which is the best option for your child and convenient for you, you have landed on the right page. Here is everything you need to know about family childs care and daycare center to help you choose a better one.

All About Child Care Centers

Daycare centers like Macquarie fields childcare are more commercial and professional versions of family childcare centers. They are generally large facilities equipped with a higher number of qualified and trained staff and teachers. Therefore, these centers can accommodate around 20 to 150 or even more children. Moreover, they have separate age groups.

Pros of Child Care

  • Professional, well-educated, and trained teachers and staff.
  • Have the vision to prepare your child for preschool.
  • Have an educationally enriching curriculum.
  • Offer other activity opportunities like dance, music, sports, or foreign language classes to ensure your child’s overall development.
  • Operate on a license, hence they are trustworthy.

Cons of Child Care

  • With several caregivers, your child shifts in various hands, which can cause security issues for you and your child is less likely to form a bond with the caregivers.
  • Comparatively much more costly.
  • Very less flexible policies regarding vacations, sick leaves, etc.

All About Family Child Care Centers

Family child care centers have a more home-like environment. These centers offer childcare facilities from the care provider’s home to the kids who are not related. Typically, the number of children is quite less (3 to 12 children) than daycare centers and children of mixed age groups.

Moreover, unlike commercial daycare centers, home-based daycare usually offers one-to-one care to a child with around 1 to 4 caregivers or teachers at the center.

Pros of Family Child Care

  • Offers comfortable, home-like environment.
  • Fewer children as compared to commercial daycare centers, so better attention to a single child.
  • Better teacher to child ratios.
  • Closer teacher-child bond.
  • Less chance of contracting illnesses due to less peer exposure.
  • Mixed age groups allow more sibling interaction.
  • Parents and caregivers can work as a team.
  • Usually lower priced than other daycares.
  • The facility is more accommodating with a more flexible vacation policy and schedule and a flexible caregiver who caters to your needs.

Pros of Family Child Care

Cons of Family Childs Care               

  • Teachers may not possibly have any formal early childhood education or training.
  • Home-based daycare may have less educationally enriched curriculum.
  • Such a facility doesn’t always operate with a license, so you may have to compromise with your child’s security.
  • Little supervision by caregivers may not allow you to build trust.

Bottom Line

Whether you prefer a more home-like environment for your child’s development or a professional school-like environment, it all depends on the quality of the caregivers, curriculum, and if the centers cater to the specific needs of you your childs.


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